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Draft Building Safety Bill

The draft Building Safety Bill takes forward reforms to the building and fire safety system.

This Government is prioritising the urgent reform of the regulatory system for buildings. The extensive reforms brought forward in this large and complex Bill represent the most significant and fundamental changes to building safety legislation in decades.

At the heart of the new regime is the safety of residents in high rise buildings. Those that build and manage high rise buildings will need to actively demonstrate how they have considered residents safety in their work, and residents will have access to safety information about their building.

The Bill will introduce a new era of accountability, making it clear where the responsibility for managing safety risks lies throughout the design, construction and occupation of buildings in scope.

There will be tougher sanctions for those that fail to meet their obligations. Central to ensuring the regime is effective will be a powerful new Building Safety Regulator housed within the Health and Safety Executive.

It will have responsibility for implementing and enforcing the more stringent regime for higher-risk buildings and will oversee the safety and performance of all buildings

Access to the draft documents can be found here.

We will be reviewing both documents and providing additional detail shortly.