Fire safety toolbox

The fire safety toolbox is a series of five useful one and half hour sessions that look at different elements of fire safety.

Fire safety toolbox

Fire safety awareness
This session will provide you with an appropriate understanding of the common fire safety hazards that you are likely to come across when you’re out and about, which will then equip you with the knowledge to spot potential hazards and the proportionate approach to rectify them.

Fire doors
This session will provide you with an introduction to fire doors and their critical purpose in buildings. In addition, you will learn about the components that ‘make up’ a fire door and understand how to recognise common issues together with how they directly affect their integrity.

Fire stopping and compartmentation
This session will provide you an overview of compartmentation and why it is critical in certain parts of a building. You will also understand the importance of fire stopping together with identifying  breaches in compartmentation through poor workmanship and why ‘pink foam’ has no real place in passive safety.

Fire safety equipment
This session will take you through the various elements of fire safety equipment, both passive and active systems, and how they interact with each other. You will understand the legal requirement for maintenance identified within the relevant British Standards; includes fire alarms, emergency lighting, AOVs, dry risers, lightning conductors and more.

Fire safety on construction sites
This session will run through the key points of what you should be doing, as an organisation, in respect to the fire safety management on sites where timber framed buildings are being constructed; we will also consider any additional measures during close-down of sites at this time of coronavirus.

Sessions can be booked indiviually or as a full series.​​​​​​​

Tony Bolder

Health and safety Tony Bolder

Tony Bolder has over 27 years’ experience (operational and safety roles) within the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) and over 30 in the fire sector. As a previous operational support manager for Humberside Fire & Rescue Service, Tony was instrumental in developing operational readiness for over 300 firefighters including high rise incidents, chemical spills and road traffic collisions.

On leaving the fire service, Tony set up his own Fire Risk Management consultancy and, taking the same professional attitude into the private sector, he is now one of only around 60 UKAS third-party accredited life safety fire risk assessors listed on the FRACS register (and also the NAFRAR list) and one of only a handful of professionals who are also third-party accredited fire door inspectors, through both FDIS and NAFDI.

FDIS Certificated Inspectors are uniquely qualified to undertake fire door inspections, not only have they achieved a Diploma in Fire Doors, but they have also had their competence and knowledge independently assessed to become CertFDI certificated fire door inspectors. In addition, NAFDI Members ensure that all fire door inspections are carried out in accordance with all statutory requirements and hold industry recognised.

Tony is passionate about education, providing courses accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) and is a national speaker on fire safety for a number of networks, a contributor to the BBC, Sky News and CNN International and he is often heard providing professional comments on LBC radio.