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As more housing organisations plan mergers and go through a merger or acquisition process, it is vital that these mergers are successful to deliver what both original organisations set out to achieve by merging.

Getting the people and cultural issues right both pre- and post-merger is critical to this.

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    This course will…

    …help delegates identify the people cultural barriers that might prevent a merger from being successful, and look at how other organisations have overcome these. The workshop will also look at how you can deal with issues related to harmonization of terms and conditions, policies, structures and other people-related issues – what are the risks, how can it be done, and more.

    Delegates will learn:

    • To clarify the range of cultural and people related issues that they need to work on pre- and post-merger
    • To understand the pros and cons of a range of harmonisation of T&C options
    • To understand how to examine and measure culture within the merging organisations and how to begin to create a new culture
    • To understand how to bring together teams doing similar work and create new organisational structures
    • To understand how to align ways of working, policies, processes and other people-related practices
    • To clarify how to involve and engage employees and their representatives in pre- and post-merger activity.

    Workshop outline

    • What are the cultural and people related issues that typically arise pre- and post-merger?
    • Understanding the key activities in soft due diligence
    • Culture eats Strategy for breakfast – how do you get a clear picture of each organisations culture and measure it, and determine what – if anything – needs to change
    • How to engage and involve employees and their representatives
    • Harmonising terms and conditions – what can and can’t be done? Full/part/no harmonisation pros and cons
    • Structures – what teams need to come together and how do we do that?
    • Understanding the key leadership activities in the integration phase.

    Who should attend

    HR staff, Senior Leaders / Executives, anyone with a significant role in a merger.

  • Our trainer

    Gary Cookson has held several senior HR roles in various sectors, including 12 years in housing. He has delivered CIPD, ILM and CIH programmes for many years. He speaks regularly at conferences about leadership and HR, and is active on social media. He also carries out training on a range of topics for HQN.

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