As proposals set out in the Social Housing White Paper start to become reality, meaningful resident engagement has never been more important. But how do we get it right and how do we ensure the views of residents are acted on? This event provides some answers.

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    With new Tenant Satisfaction Measures and consumer regulation just around the corner, getting resident engagement right is crucial.

    So why do many landlords struggle to engage in any meaningful way beyond a handful of residents? And why do so many people working in resident engagement feel disconnected from other teams within their organisation?

    Resetting the landlord-resident relationship in order for the resident voice to be heard was a key ambition of the Social Housing White Paper. But time and time again we are hearing stories of people being ignored, homes being neglected, and seeing an ever-rising number of complaints to the Ombudsman.

    So, what can be done?

    This event will explore what resident engagement means in 2022, the key role it should play in improving relationships but often doesn’t, and how, if done correctly, it can transform an organisation’s culture from bottom to top.

    We will also look at how resident engagement fits into the new organisational landscape where customer ‘experience’ and ‘insight’ have become a priority, but face-to-face, human interactions have taken a back seat. How do we get the mix right? What new skills do resident engagement staff need to do their job effectively?

    Sessions include:

    • Why are we talking about resident engagement now?
    • Resident engagement and the customer experience – how to make them work together
    • The feedback loop – why do we need to engage with residents and what do we do with the information?
    • Reconnecting with residents – the importance of face-to-face relationships post-lockdown
    • Using technology and data to improve engagement and insight
    • What skills do you need to deliver meaningful engagement?
    • How to harness ‘hidden’ voices
    • Where next for engagement?

    Essential for:

    • Executive teams and board members
    • Resident engagement teams
    • Customer experience leads
    • Customer insight teams
    • Policy leads
    • Housing management teams
    • Communications teams
    • Business transformation teams.

    What you will take away from the event:

    • Practical advice on how to get resident engagement right
    • Tips on different methods of engagement – what works, what doesn’t
    • Understanding where resident engagement teams fit into your organisation’s structure
    • The policy context and why meaningful engagement has never been more important.
  • Our speaker
    • Sian Humphreys, HQN associate, The Residents’ Network
    • Elaine Warwick, HQN associate, The Residents’ Network
    • Kate Roberts, Housing Research Director, IFF Research
    • Aasia Nisar, Head of Resident Engagement, Sovereign
    • Rebecca Sweeton, Customer Engagement and Inclusion Team Leader, Stockport Homes
    • Jo Leckie, Principal Consultant, Big Picture Training.
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