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Suitable for:       All What does this mean?

Learn how HR professionals can use social media to deliver HR services, engage with employees past, present and future and to enhance the effectiveness of the HR function.

This course will help you to:

  • Use existing social media to get the best from it whilst managing any associated risks
  • Persuade your leaders and others in the organisation to embrace and use social media
  • Develop an action plan for launching and improving social media within your organisation.
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    Delegates will learn to:

    • Select, launch and use the most appropriate internal social media for their organisation
    • Use social media to deliver HR services
    • Build a better employer brand through use of social media
    • Get themselves and others in the organisation using social media more effectively whilst minimising the associated risks
    • Design appropriate social media content for their organisation.

    Workshop outline

    • Understanding social media and its potential uses for organisations
    • Examining the risks associated with social media and planning how to overcome them
    • The impact of social media on employer brand and planning how to improve this
    • How to use social media for employee engagement
    • The role of internal social media
    • Designing content for social media inside and outside the organisation.

    Who should attend

    HR / OD / L&D professionals, communications professionals, anyone with line management responsibility, senior leaders.

  • Our trainer

    Gary Cookson has held several senior HR roles in various sectors, including 12 years in housing. He has delivered CIPD, ILM and CIH programmes for many years. He speaks regularly at conferences about leadership and HR, and is active on social media. He also carries out training on a range of topics for HQN.

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