HQN and MRI Software are running a free virtual consultation session at 12pm on 18 July. The session will review the results from the latest Resident Voice Index™ report and gather the views of social housing residents ahead of the launch of the next survey. If you have taken part in the past, MRI would like to thank you.

To date, the Resident Voice Index™ project has received over 13,000 responses across three surveys, with the latest report published in June 2022. Over 5,200 social housing residents shared their experiences of the current cost of living crisis: the greatest number of respondents to date.

Participation in these consultations will be limited to those living in social housing and housing providers will not be in attendance.

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    The “Surviving but not living”: The Experience of the Cost of Living Crisis for Social Housing Residents report showed that:

    • 68% respondents were worried all or most of the time about meeting normal monthly living expenses
    • 56% didn’t believe that help or support would be available if they faced a financial challenge
    • 53% had used credit or buy-now-pay- later services to cover their monthly household essential needs
    • Almost 9 in 10 under 35s were currently using or considering using buy-now-pay-later services or credit to pay for essential household costs.

    We will be discussing the impact of these results and more in the consultation session.

    This project aims to amplify the voice of the resident and the team behind the Resident Voice Index™ are striving to ensure that the project continues to represent social housing residents across the UK.

    MRI are presenting survey results directly to those that have the power to tackle this crisis, including policy makers, government, housing providers, public sector organisations and the media, as well as using major housing sector conferences to spread awareness of these findings further.

    The Resident Voice Index™ needs the continued input of engaged residents to ensure that the right issues are being tackled, and the right questions are being asked.

    Participation in these consultations will be limited to those living in social housing and housing providers will not be in attendance.

    The Resident Voice Index™ project has already gained acknowledgement from the Department for Levelling Up Housing & Communities. MRI Software will continue to publish reports as long as residents are willing to share experiences and take part in surveys.

    We are very much looking forward to working with you on this project.

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