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This workshop will prepare delegates to train others in the use of mental toughness and the MTQ48 measure in a variety of applications

Accompanied by trainer notes and interactive discussions, it will provide the trainer with the knowledge, skills and tools to train others in mental toughness development interventions by providing a practical understanding of:

  • The importance of mental toughness: how to assess it and apply it in the workplace
  • The nature of challenge and the sources of stress and pressure – and the consequences for performance and wellbeing
  • Your individual strengths and development needs in dealing with stressors, pressure and challenges
  • Tools and techniques designed to help people to deal effectively with stressors, pressures and challenges – and the opportunity to practise them, helping people to perform to the best of their abilities irrespective of circumstances
  • Creating and sustaining effective plans to perform to the best of your ability and manage stress.

The workshop is very much focused on individuals and is highly participative – delegates are involved in small group and plenary sessions. They are given significant time and opportunity to practise tools and techniques which can then be applied to their own training.

The trainer provides theory and ideas as well as expert facilitation to enable delegates to guide future delegates in the best way possible.

All materials and exercises are provided, including a detailed and comprehensive mental toughness workbook. Use is made of inventories and measures to aid preparation and analysis – including psychometric measure MTQ48.

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    The course will cover:

    Understanding stress pressure and challenge:

    • Sources of stress pressure and challenge
    • Their impact – good and bad
    • Identifying the main issues for individuals and groups.
    Understanding how people respond to stress, pressure and challenge:
    • The key factors – personality and mental toughness, etc
    • What is mental toughness?
    • What is your client’s mental toughness?
    • Identifying development needs – the priorities and the benefits.
    Developing mental toughness – simple accessible tools and techniques around the core themes of:
    • Positive thinking
    • Visualisation
    • Attentional control
    • Anxiety control
    • Practical goal-setting
    • Biofeedback.
    Developing mental toughness – a brief look at complementary tools and techniques:
    • Fatigue – state and trait – leading edge work on impact of stress
    • Procrastination and time management
    • Team toughness.
    Applications and action planning:
    • Milestones – short- and longer-term strategies
    • One-to-one, small, and large group work
    • Importance of discipline
    • Review and reward.
    Who should attend?
    Everyone who wants to improve their or/and their team’s mental toughness and resilience skills, from chief executives, board members, senior and middle managers and team leaders to those delivering frontline or back-of-house services.
  • Our trainer

    Sharon Bryan is a highly accomplished and qualified lifelong learning trainer, coach and development consultant with over 20 years’ experience of working with the social housing sector. Coupled with her experience of learning and development delivery and working through transformational change, she has developed an approach that is person-centred, participative and highly interactive. With a practical eye for detail and people she is able to simplify complexity, making it applicable, relevant, and fun. As a licensed Master NLP practitioner and MTQ48 Assessor her flexibility and range of delivery techniques give an added dimension to her courses.

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