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Hybrid working skills – how to be professional and engaging in the virtual world.

We’re all broadcasters now – hybrid working has put us all on screen. Whether its team meetings, focus groups with residents or larger public events – being confident and delivering engaging presentations is a skill which we now all need.

And it’s one which can be taught and easily learnt.

This course led by former BBC broadcasters teaches you how to confidently produce and present yourself on screen. It’s suitable for a variety of situations and levels.

Our experts will pass on their skills honed from years of experience of fronting TV programmes and news bulletins, learning how to cope with nerves, pressured situations, bad hair days and wardrobe malfunctions.

It is a practical session with time to try things out including recordings and reviews of exercises.

There is a small amount of pre-course prep (no more than 30 minutes) so you get the most out of your training.

The sessions are designed to be fun and engaging. We’ll start with a relaxation exercise to put you at ease and help calm any nerves.

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    What will you learn?

    By the end of this course delegates will:

    • Understand what audiences want – whether that’s their colleagues, their boss, their residents or viewers on social media
    • Have confidence in how to style themselves for different audiences, frame and light their shots and create a professional setting
    • Confidently lead discussions on camera and present themselves directly to a camera
    • Have a range of tools to produce an engaging video meeting and help them deal with nerves and mishaps.

    Course programme

    What audiences want

    • Understand your audience – who is watching and listening and what are their expectations?
    • Preparation – how to take and keep control of the message and way to enrich and add value to your video conference to keep audiences engaged.

    Getting ready – the POW guide

    • Practicalities – mastering the tech, location and timings
    • Owning your style – how to recognise and make the most of your presentation strengths
    • Wardrobe and other personal malfunctions – how to avoid them.

    Video conference conversations

    • Different types of conversation and how to prepare for them
    • How to make the most of any guests
    • How to cope with hostile questions, saboteurs and silences.

    Presenting directly to different audiences

    • The importance of simplicity
    • How to connect with audiences in person
    • How to connect with audiences remotely.

    Tips and tricks

    • Nerves – quick and simple ways to calm them
    • “Are we on?” – how not to get caught out
    • “Can you see/hear me?” – the importance of good sound and lighting.

    Who should attend?

    Anyone at any level in the organisation would benefit from coaching in presentation skills including team leaders, managers, executives as well as anyone working with residents or boards.

  • Our trainer

    Sam Smith presented and reported for BBC News, The One Show, and BBC Network Radio for more than 20 years. She was the face of the BBC’s Inside Out programme for a decade. As a former journalist, she has helped shed light on issues such as the shortage of affordable homes and the lack of housing provision for people with disabilities.

    As a broadcast executive, she’s worked with presenters such as Chris Packham, Nick Baker and the One Show’s Lucy’s Siegle. She has coached media professionals, students and interviewees.

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