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The devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have dramatically changed our working and personal lives. The pressure continues to increase daily on key services provided by social housing staff.

No matter how good the business continuity plans were no one was really prepared for this. Managers and staff are facing totally unknown situations – working from home and agile management of remote teams, balancing home schooling and/or care for vulnerable and elderly alongside working from home, coping with reduced capacity in teams due to lockdown and protection measures, constantly needing to review and revise protocols and processes. The list goes on.

The impact of this unprecedented level of pressure can be far reaching both in terms of the mental health and productivity.

To support people through this we are offering 1-1 virtual coaching and mentoring sessions – focusing on maintaining wellbeing.

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    This safe, private space with experienced coach Jo Carr offers:

    • An opportunity to discuss and explore stress management and wellbeing in a totally private and supportive manner
    • Dedicated time for problem solving around complex and difficult challenges
    • A pause point in a very busy schedule with time to reflect and take stock of what is possible right now.
  • Our trainer

    Jo Carr works as an independent leadership and management coach, trainer and consultant in the health, social care and social housing sectors. Before 2013, Jo spent 25 years in management roles in social housing and the voluntary sector.

    Jo is a lifelong learning qualified trainer, and an ILM qualified management and mentoring coach, and she also has a flair for bringing her learning and perspective from her background to help her clients find solutions for their pressure points.

    Jo uses a flexible and eclectic mix of products and models in her work, from NLP to Situational leadership – with the focus on the client audience developing their ability through increased confidence and capacity. She is also an accredited Belbin team roles facilitator. Jo is a very skilled communicator, with an intuitive approach to working with her audience – and this is borne out in her range of delivery methods as a coach and trainer.

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