The Social Housing (Regulation) Bill was published in March 2022 after 2020’s Social Housing White Paper. The government is re-designing regulation in England with a renewed focus on addressing the concerns of residents living in the sector. This workshop has been updated to include the progress made by the government and its agencies in taking forward the key provisions particularly the DLUHC’s policy announcements on consumer regulation published on 29 March. 

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    This workshop revisits the key proposals in the White Paper and examines some of the key changes in the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill:

    • The re-booting of consumer regulation
    • The new focus on safety – particularly building safety
    • The return of performance measurement – how will tenant satisfaction measures differ from old style performance indicators?
    • Dealing with complaints – a key element of the new regulatory framework
    • Tenant engagement – forging a new relationship with service users
    • Decent Homes ‘Plus’ – what will the proposed review mean for providers?
    • Professionalisation Review.

    Then there is a focus on developments on consumer regulation since the autumn of 2020 such as:

    • ‘Reshaping consumer regulation: Our principles and approach’ – RSH consultation 2021
    • ‘Consultation on the introduction of Tenant Satisfaction Measures’ – RSH consultation December 2021
    • The ongoing Select Committee Inquiry into social housing regulation.

    Roger Jarman, HQN associate, trainer and author of HQN’s toolkit on the Social Housing White Paper will take you through everything you need to know and ensure you have the latest, up to date information.

    Who should attend?

    This workshop is essential for everyone responsible for compliance with legislation and regulation including governance staff, board members and executive teams as well as operational managers and involved residents.

    If you are interested in an in-house session for a wider group of people we can tailor and design the workshop to meet your specific circumstances and requirements.

  • Our speaker

    Roger Jarman, Associate, HQN

    Roger’s career in housing spans over 40 years. He has worked as an academic, in local government and for a range of central agencies. In the 1990s he was Head of Housing Management at the Housing Corporation. From 1999 to 2011 Roger worked at the Audit Commission where he was Head of Housing. He now works as a housing consultant and trainer. His clients have included Central Government Departments and a wide range of housing organisations. He is a well respected commentator on housing issues and has written extensively for HQN and others on housing policy, housing regulation, the private rented sector and related subjects. He has experience as a Non Executive Director of different housing providers. He is the author of HQN’s Toolkit on the Social Housing White Paper.

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