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Around 6.5 million UK households, that’s one in four, are in fuel poverty. Rising energy costs and low incomes are restricting people’s options, leaving them in impossible situations like having to choose between heating their home, feeding their children or paying their rent. In October 2022 energy bills increased by a further 27% just as we are about to embark on winter.

Fuel poverty is often a hidden problem and it might be that landlords only see rent payments being more inconsistent or people getting into arrears, but its consequences can lead to more than 10,000 excess winter deaths per year because people cannot afford to heat their homes. Fuel poverty can also have a significant impact on mental health and is a known risk factor for suicide.

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    Join us on this half day workshop where we seek to understand what fuel poverty is, its causes and focus on how Landlords can support fuel poor households through the energy crisis.

    • What fuel poverty is
    • Its causes and impacts
    • How to identify your tenants likely to be at risk of fuel poverty
    • Ways to engage tenants to raise awareness of fuel poverty
    • Different options for providing advice and support to tenants
    • Strategies to cut energy costs
    • Discover what additional financial help is available to tenants from Government and other sources.
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    Alison Markantonis is an experienced welfare benefits, financial capability and employment skills practitioner, who has worked successfully in the affordable housing and benefits sector for the last 27 years. She has worked with many housing and support organisations and brings her extensive experience to specialise in demystifying the benefits system, money management and employability skills training for both frontline staff and tenants. Her approach is participative and interactive, using case studies and her own experience to take the complex, and make it not only simple, but also applicable.

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