“Board members are responsible for ensuring that providers are being managed effectively and meeting regulatory requirements.”

Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive, Regulator of Social Housing.

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    Join us for a series of workshops designed to help boards and executive teams excel at a time when effective governance and business management has never been important.

    Board members have a crucial role to play in dealing with the housing crisis. But it can be a daunting task to put it mildly. The operating costs of housing associations are soaring while tenants face a cost-of-living crisis. How do you square that circle?

    We also know that more risks are on the horizon such as finding the money for net zero. Not to mention the crises we didn’t predict such as Covid-19 and the threat to peace stemming from the Ukrainian war.

    Obviously, none of us can solve all the problems in the world. But there are things you can do to protect your business and residents.

    We offer these sessions as one way of helping to put a strong board in place to weather the storms. They’ll be of equal interest to executive teams and governance managers.

    Drop in briefings on:

    The numbers: We’ll cover the big deals for the Regulator of Social Housing like stress testing, value for money, asset management, managing risk and business planning – Are you using accurate data? How do you know?

    Safety: We’ll pinpoint what boards must watch out for on fire, gas, electrics, lifts, asbestos, and legionella at all homes – New duties on tall buildings explained.

    Governance: What the regulator expects from boards – First-hand accounts of recovering from a downgrade and managing in depth assessments.

    Working with residents: The RSH is upping the ante on consumer regulation – What does that mean? Are we facing service inspections? What lessons can we learn from media exposes of poor standards? How do you know that your services match the expectations of all your diverse residents?

    HQN works closely with lots of boards – these sessions will help you to plug gaps in your skills and knowledge training needs assessments. You will make your point in the boardroom with more confidence. They will help executive teams and governance managers to provide the right information and support boards in an effective way.

    The following sessions have been confirmed:

    Thursday 12 May 2022: Top of the radar 

    Being a board member is never easy, but this must be one of the most challenging times ever – there is so much going and so many things to consider. It’s hard to know what is important and what isn’t. That’s why we’re starting our governance series with this short, sharp session – to focus minds on the things that really matter. We’ll look at the issues all board members and executives must put to the top of their agenda, from soaring operating costs and the cost-of-living crisis to building safety and consumer regulation.


    • Alistair Mcintosh, CEO, HQN
    • Ian Parker, HQN finance Lead Associate.

    Tuesday 17 May 2022: Building safety compliance for governing bodies

    Get on top of this most important area of compliance – building safety. This session will focus on the role of the board and executive.

    With the Building Safety Bill about to receive Royal Assent, we’ll spell out the requirements, what the board and executive need to be doing and the assurances they should be seeking.


    • Debbie Larner, Lead Associate, Asset Management Network

    Wednesday 18 May 2022: Regulation update 

    Our popular session has been adapted especially for board members, executive teams and governance managers.

    We’ll revisit the key proposals in the White Paper and examines some of the key changes in the draft Social Housing (Regulation) Bill, published in March, including:

    • The re-booting of consumer regulation
    • The new focus on safety
    • The return of performance measurement – how will tenant satisfaction measures differ from old style performance indicators?
    • Dealing with complaints – a key element of the new regulatory framework
    • Tenant engagement – forging a new relationship with service users
    • Decent Homes ‘Plus’ – what will the proposed review mean for providers?
    • Professionalisation Review.

    HQN associate Roger Jarman will take you through everything you need to know and ensure you have the latest, up to date information.


    • Roger Jarman, HQN Associate

    Tuesday 24 May 2022: Learning from downgrades

    Honest reflection on experiences and lessons. Join the RegulatorAlistair McIntosh and Ian Parker to find out the latest about the issues of concern for the Regulator and how to avoid them.

    Our review of regulatory judgements undertaken at the start of 2022 showed that:

    • The Regulator of Social Housing had been significantly more active in 2021 than 2020 – Regulatory Judgements increasing from 167 to 198 and Regulatory Notices from six to 22
    • The level of compliance was on a par with 2020 with over 96% of providers being compliant with the regulatory standards
    • The Regulator continued to have serious concerns about lease-based supported housing providers and, disappointingly, seeing the same problems coming up in a small minority of cases – namely health and safety issues where providers have failed to carry out basics.

    The Regulator will outline their perspective about the current issues and emerging themes. Alistair and Ian will provide practical advice based on their experience of working with providers.


    • Alistair Mcintosh, CEO, HQN
    • Ian Parker, HQN finance Lead Associate
    • Regulator of Social Housing.

    Wednesday 25 May 2022: Behaviours and attitudes

    Peter Walters takes a look at the softer skills and the dynamics of what makes a ‘perfect’ board.

    • The key attributes to aspire to
    • Top tips.


    • Peter Walters, Next Gen group, Fred Angole

    Thursday 26 May 2022: Imposter syndrome

    An opportunity to explore the role of Chair, the board member and the CEO. What it really involves and how people feel about it:

    • How to lead from the top
    • The common things people struggle with and how to overcome them
    • Coping mechanisms.

    Aimed at aspiring and current chairs, board members and CEOs. Anyone looking to share ideas and challenges and looking for a support network.

    Tuesday 14 June 2022: Residents voice

    Hearing the resident voice at board level – rethinking culture, governance and structure.

    Are the voices of residents being heard loud and clear by your board and executive team? How do you get assurance that this is happening in a meaningful way? How do you demonstrate that residents are influencing the decisions you make?

    One of the key challenges for organisations, is to ensure the resident voice is being listened to and acted on at all levels of the business. But genuine engagement and harnessing the views of residents to influence decision making is easier said than done and often requires a rethink around culture, governance and even structure.

    This session will look at how housing providers are changing their approach on the back of the Social Housing White Paper and ahead of the new consumer regulation legislation and tenant satisfaction measures.


    • Catherine Little, Executive Housing Director, Broadlands Housing
    • James Temple, Resident, Broadlands Housing
    • Carmen Simpson, Tenant Chair, Phoenix Community Housing
    • Marie Porter, Academy Manager, Phoenix Community Housing
    • Hugo Stephens, Head of Social Housing Corporate Services, Pennington Manches Cooper.

    Thursday 16 June 2022: Boad diversity 

    HQN is teaming up with our friends at the Housing Diversity Network for this session looking at board diversity, as part of our governance series. We’ve been having conversations about board diversity for years. We know that boards which include a diverse array of individuals who bring their personal and professional experiences to bear cultivate constructive dialogue and make better decisions. So why are some organisations still stuck? And what can you do to ensure that you attract a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to enrich your board?

    Our expert set of speakers will look at:

    • Equality, diversity and inclusion in its broadest sense as a driver for improvement
    • Regulation and the changing political landscape
    • The success of board trainee programmes
    • Embracing leading diversity practice to make a real and lasting impact on the development of diversity at board level
    • Board composition, succession planning, and the appointment or nomination process
    • How the board integrates the variety of perspectives its members bring to facilitate inclusive leadership.

    The session will be chaired by Mushtaq Khan, Chief Executive of Housing Diversity Network with the following speakers:

    • Angela Lockwood, Chief Executive, North Star Housing Group
    • Luke Baptiste, Board Member, MSV Housing
    • Sharron Webster, Partner, Trowers & Hamlins
    • Karl George MBE, Partner, RSM UK.
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