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Your chatbot journey starts here


Your chatbot journey starts here

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In association with Fuzzlab: This session is the first in a series of three that will tell you things you need to know if you’re considering implementing a chatbot and help you build your business case. 

As well as a high-level overview of chatbot technology and the different platforms you can use, we’ll share some of the benefits that a chatbot can provide and the pitfalls that you need to avoid. We’ll give you the information you’ll need to create a business case and share some of the usage data we’ve had back from our implementations.
We’ll talk about some of the challenges we and our customers have faced and the things that will make sure yours is a success story. 

You’ll also hear from Accord’s head of Digital Transformation who will explain what Accord’s objectives are and what they have achieved in the past year. 

*Please note that places are limited to two per organisation. 

**This session is free to all HQN members. To check your entitlement email or call 01904 557150 (option 3). 

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