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Voicescape: The future of tenant engagement in income collection


Voicescape: The future of tenant engagement

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The session will highlight the advantages of taking a behavioural and data science focused approach to income collection and tenant engagement, hosted by Voicescape’s Head of Insights and Behavioural Insights Lead, Chris Walker. Within this workshop, attendees will have a hands-on opportunity to apply these perspectives.

They’ll also be joined by Thirteen’s Head of Finance to explore how the application of digital technology can supercharge Housing Association’s ability to utilise these perspectives and drive targeted and tailored tenant engagement.

What will be covered:

This virtual best practice group will explore.

  • Background: the benefits of viewing tenant engagement in the world of income collection through the lenses of behavioural science and data science
  • Interactive groups: how to practically apply these perspectives to tackle key business problems
  • Demo: demonstration of the power of combining data science, behavioural science and digital technologies
  • Discussion: feedback and discussion around the application of digital technologies.

The rough process of the workshop will be:

  • Background theory
  • Interactive break-out rooms
  • Break
  • Demo of role of digital technology
  • Discussion
  • Q&A
  • Closing.

Why should you attend:

This workshop is an opportunity for any rental income or resident engagement housing professional in a customer facing role who wants to learn more about the world more about how data science can support improved tenant engagement.

Tenant engagement is the core facilitator of building trust between housing associations and tenants. However, engagement is difficult and represents a significant challenge for a lot of organisations.

Data science and behavioural science provide the opportunity to view tenant engagement from a new perspective.

Data science provides a depth of understanding about your organisation and your tenants while behavioural science allows us to reframe problems in terms of their human behaviour components and allows for the application of evidenced-based insights to tackle these problems.

This workshop highlights the advantages of utilising these perspectives – efficiency savings, intervention effectiveness, strengthening landlord-tenant relationship – whilst also providing a hands-on opportunity to learn how to apply them. In addition it’ll explore how to supercharge these perspectives by combining them with digital technology allowing us to explore the future of tenant engagement.

What will you take away from the event:

  • Ideas and key insights from using a data science and behavioural science perspective
  • Practical framework and hands-on experience of applying these insights
  • Detailed preview of how these insights and frameworks can be embedded into digital technology to transform working processes.


Geoff Siggens: Head of Insight Services

Geoff Siggens has over 30 years of experience as a researcher, analyst and data scientist. His experience is across a broad cross-section of sectors and organisations, but his focus over recent decades has been within the health, housing and third sectors. Within social housing his work spans almost 20 years, delivering consultancy services and strategic insight.

He has been with Voicescape for over two years and is currently Head of Insight Services, where he runs a small team delivering bespoke insight projects to the social housing sector as well as the design and development of machine learning and AI functionality in the suite of Voicescape software products.

Chris Walker: Behavioural Insights Lead

As the behavioural insights lead at Voicescape, Chris Walker combines behavioural science, data science and technology to deliver evidence-based solutions that supports our clients by enhancing and simplifying organisational processes, ensuring that everyone gets access to the support that they need.

Chris has spent most of the last decade studying and working in the field of psychology and human behaviour, applying his knowledge of human behaviour in a working capacity across numerous projects, most recently focusing on social housing.

A key aspect of Chris’ work focuses on how targeting and tailoring interventions can influence decision-making and behaviour, a topic he has published research on in an academic journal.

Caroline Speirs: Head of Finance, Thirteen Housing Group (Guest speaker)

With over 20 years of housing and income management experience, Caroline leads on credit control services for Thirteen, focusing on the recovery of former and current tenant debt. 

As a former senior project business partner in finance involving business and transformational change, Caroline is well-placed to implement new ideas and utilises technology to recover debt without increasing resources.

Caroline recently led the implementation of the first robotic process automation technology for income collection at Thirteen, which completes tasks and processes in a fraction of the usual time, creating business resilience, value and saving money for residents.

She is also Chair of the FTA best practice group, which share best practices with others. This group is now recognised for its approach nationally and for supporting each other and sharing its learning across many different organisations.

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