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The Futr of Resident Experience is Now: Making your customer journey more human using chatbot technology


The Futr of Resident Experience is Now: Making your customer journey more human using chatbot technology

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The session will cover trends in digital adoption globally and within the UK Housing market, over the years and through the pandemic.

As part of this, tenants have come to compare landlords in the mix of other digital interactions in their lives. People want to interact with brands which provide digital value and expect to have choice – this is no different when interacting with their landlord.

TPas’ recent tenant engagement survey 2021 found that both staff and tenants expect to see social landlords utilizing Twitter and Facebook – ahead of email and website interactions!

Against this backdrop, the sector is experiencing a move towards greater regulation, from the social housing white paper to government requirements for improved website accessibility with the move from WCAG2 to WCAG3 just around the corner.

Landlords must also recognize good customer service is reliant on human interaction and to totally automate processes will cause more harm than good.

So how do we strike the right balance?

What will be covered:

This virtual best practice group will explore.

  • Effective communication with residents and how to strike a healthy balance between digital, automation and human interaction in core customer service
  • Artificial intelligence in social housing and how it can improve customer service
  • live demonstration and case study references using Futr’s predictive chatbot technology
  • The scale of social media, recent AI and NLP technological advances in the social housing sector
  • Lessons learnt cross-sector from landlords and other public sector services who use automation services from the police to other non-profit charities.

Why should you attend:

This workshop is an opportunity for any housing professional in a customer facing role who wants to learn more about the world of AI and is seeking a better understanding of how you can develop a improved understanding of online tenant behaviour.

What will you take away from the event:

Practical know how of how you can improve your customer journey by using new chatbot technology both in and out of sector.


Kitty Hadaway, Futr’s UK Housing Lead is an expert in developing services to have customer loyalty, improved customer experience and good communication at the heart of social housing. Kitty thrives on understanding the challenges faced by housing providers in customer service and is passionate about ensuring Futr’s digital solutions are highly responsive to the needs of social landlords and their tenants. 

Futr is a digital innovator who deploys automated customer contact solutions to the frontline of UK customer services. Recent collaborations within the sector include Believe housing and Ongo.

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