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Remote control – the smart homes and predictive technology conference

  • Type HQN Event
  • Venue London
  • Start 19 Mar 2020 10:00
  • End 19 Mar 2020 16:00


Remote control

Doing nothing is not an option but with so much hype about smart homes, how do we discover and invest in the best solutions for our residents? Find out at this one-day conference for social housing providers.

The latest research tells us that 15 million homes in the UK now have at least one 'smart' device.

The technology is available now, the cost is coming down, and consumers – including our residents – are keen to embrace it. But how many social housing providers are actually investing in smart home technology? And what are the priorities?

At this very moment, people can feel the effect of the Internet of Things (IoT) in their lives, without necessarily understanding the science behind it. Smartphones, smart bulbs, smart thermostats, smart household appliances and even smart security systems can all operate with no, or very limited, human interaction.

Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, over the next few years the smartest homes will be able to learn about their owners or occupants, eventually anticipating their needs. This growth in predictive technology has potentially huge benefits for social housing organisations.

A smart thermostat is designed to heat a property in the most efficient way. It adapts to your lifestyle so it knows what rooms to heat up, understands when to switch on and off, and how long it takes to heat your home. Ultimately, it will help to make homes more energy efficient and bring down fuel bills.

Smart sensors, meanwhile, will keep tabs on our wellbeing. Health applications will drive at least some of the smart home growth over the next decade. Cameras and sensors embedded in refrigerators will suggest more nutritious alternatives to sugary drinks and snacks. Similar technology in medicine cabinets will check if residents have taken their prescriptions, and sensors will even show up in toilets to check for signs of any potential health conditions by scanning human waste before it’s flushed.

There are also considerable business benefits for housing providers. As a sector, if we can find new ways to monitor the performance of our properties, we can design maintenance schedules that reduce our repair bills by anticipating issues before they occur and use cheaper, preventative fixes.

Of course, as our homes learn more about us, keeping them secure will become all the more important. Every device that’s connected to the internet is a potential target for hackers. When we’re talking about devices that can unlock our homes from afar, peer into our living rooms using cameras, and collect our most sensitive and personal data, cybersecurity is vital.

And with so much hype about smart homes and so many companies competing for a space in a growing and increasingly competitive market, how do we know we are investing in the best solutions for our residents?

At this major one-day conference, we will explore the opportunities and challenges smart technology present to housing providers. We will hear from those who have already tried and tested different products and systems in a real-life environment and hear from academics, experts and practitioners about what works, what doesn't and why doing nothing is not an option.

Key themes:

  • Smart homes and social housing – making IoT technology work for our properties and residents
  • Showcasing new smart home technology and its practical uses
  • Understanding the business benefits of predictive technology
  • The importance of data integrity and security
  • Utilising smart homes to reduce household energy demand and cut fuel bills.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Vinnett Taylor, former Head of IoT at O2, technology expert and consultant – Chair
  • Nick Atkin, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Housing
  • Simon Williams, Head of Delivery, Gateshead Innovation Village – Home Group
  • Jay Saggar, Digital Lead, HACT and the HACT LaunchPad
  • Casey Cole, CEO, Guru systems
  • Craig Round, Business Analyst, The Regenda Group
  • Tim Willcocks, Executive Director of Development, Richmond Housing Partnership

Vinnett Taylor, former Head of IoT at O2, technology expert and consultant

Vinnett is a recognised IoT thought leader and a regular speaker at Government policy and industry conferences.

She has represented O2 for several Government-funded project boards, including 'Driven' which is trailing a fleet of driverless vehicles using UK-built software between Oxford and London, and GATEway (Greenwich Automated Transport Environment) conducting several different trials to understand how people respond, engage with and accept automated/Driverless vehicles.

Before O2, Vinnett founded and ran a technology management consultancy company, which assisted businesses at all stages from start-ups, through the growth and scale-up to blue chips. Vinnett provided Strategic IT, Telecommunications, M2M and IoT solutions for customers, in addition to publishing papers on the IoT.

Previously, Vinnett was a partner director working at several companies including EE, Toshiba, and Symantec.

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