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Nothing about us without us: co-production and resident involvement

  • Type HQN Event (Virtual)
  • Venue Virtual workshop
  • Start 18 Jun 2020 10:00
  • End 18 Jun 2020 15:00


Nothing about us without us: co-production and resident involvement

Virtual workshop

Specially-designed practical workshops for the HQN Residents’ Network for everyone with an interest in co-production and tenant involvement.

"If you think that your organisation has areas that it can improve in terms of how you engage with your tenants, how you deal with repairs, how you put things right when they go wrong, don’t wait – just get in and implement those improvements. Ideally you’ll do so by co-designing those improvements with your tenants, adapted as necessary to meet local services and needs.” Fiona McGregor, Chief Executive, Regulator of Social Housing

The Regulator of Social Housing’s message is clear – be proactive, embrace change and work with residents to deliver it. 

It sounds easy and it is but you need to get to grips with the different approaches to co-production and design something that works for you – your organisation and your tenants.

This specially designed workshop is for everyone interested in co-production and service user or tenant involvement. 

It will cover:

  • What it is (and what it is not)
  • Why now – why the context is ripe
  • How to approach it with practical methods and techniques
  • How to make it work and deliver meaningful results.

The day will be rich with models and illustrative examples both from housing and other sectors with plenty of opportunities for Q&As.

The workshop will be delivered by Noreen Blanluet, Director at the Co-production Network for Wales: an independent organisation working to transform public services through co-production and involvement. The Network's primary focus is to grow good practice, and foster opportunities for learning and sharing across sectors.

"Key to successful involvement activity is a recognition that it’s about effective relationships, with good communication, transparency and key values of honesty, trust and respect. This suggests that ‘how you do it’, is as important as what you do and chimes with wider findings from regulation work that it’s culture, values and behaviours which makes the critical difference between success and disaster." – Regulatory Board for Wales (The Right Stuff: Hearing the Tenants’ Voice, Review of Tenant Involvement in Wales, July 2019) 

"For a housing association, good engagement goes beyond the interactions based around day-to-day service provision, such as collecting rents or documenting requests for repairs; it also goes beyond the traditional processes for responding to specific concerns when a customer raises an issue. In developing good engagement, housing providers have the opportunity to create an environment which supports customers to project their voice, and to take action - either independently or with their peers - to improve their community and local area." – Democratic Society

About Noreen Blanluet

Noreen is an experienced coach, facilitator and convenor. She’s been working as a co-production trainer and consultant, helping organisations shift to more citizen-centred approaches so has heaps of practical examples to share. Noreen is interested in lots of things – complexity, resilience, leadership, nurturing diversity and building community, innovation and continuous learning, relationships and most importantly kindness.

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