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Man = Woman: Gender equality in the workplace

  • Type HQN Event
  • Venue Birmingham
  • Start 24 Jun 2020 10:00
  • End 24 Jun 2020 16:00


Man = Woman: gender equality in the workplace

In June we will be running a different type of event for HQN: An Open Space event. Open Space is a method whereby participants choose the topics for workshops on the day, through a facilitated process, on the topics they are most interested in; and then choose the workshops they want to go to. So rather than listening to ‘experts’, you will be the experts, sharing your expertise with each other. This form of conference can generate an energy, engagement and excitement very different from that at more traditional conferences.

Open Space Technology was first used by an American, Harrison Owen over 30 years ago, when he realised that the best bit about conferences were the coffee breaks where most of the business was done! It’s been used all around the world for groups large and small, for as short as an hour and over multiple days in some cases. Both public and commercial organisations have found Open Space particularly effective to generate ideas and new ways of thinking.

We decided to put on an Open Space event, partly as this reflects feedback from those of you who attended our conference last November – many of you said that you found the participative sessions most useful and indeed the world café taster that we did at the end is very similar to Open Space. So we wanted to do more of that at our next event.

We also wanted to model a more participative and less hierarchical way of running an event – one that many housing associations could and do use when working with their communities.

The overall theme will be “Gender in the Workplace”. This will be the culmination of the Equality and Diversity Network’s focus on this topic, which includes a toolkit and best practice groups on the subject.

So, what we discuss at the event within the broad topic will be up to you. Some examples might include (if participants call workshops on them):

  • Gender pay gap
  • Breaking through the glass ceiling
  • Culture change
  • Mentoring
  • Harassment in the workplace
  • Men as allies
  • Flexible working
  • How domestic work is shared
  • Ways in which men are disadvantaged in the workplace
  • Diversifying the Top Team and boards.

But it will be your call.

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