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Housing Ombudsman workshop: Learning from complaints

  • Type HQN Event (Virtual)
  • Venue Virtual workshop
  • Start 19 Apr 2022 10:00
  • End 19 Apr 2022 12:00


Housing Ombudsman workshop: Learning from complaints

Virtual workshop

Things will go wrong but then it is vital to not only put them right, but also learn lessons so that the same problems don’t arise again.

Complaints provide an invaluable insight into areas for improvement. To take full advantage of this free feedback, landlords need to have a positive ‘learning culture’ and systems in place to capture and share the lessons learnt.

The Housing Ombudsman’s expert trainers will share examples from the Ombudsman’s casework and best practice in capturing learning from across the social housing sector. The interactive sessions will include group work as well as plenty of time for questions and for sharing experience with other delegates.

Sessions will cover:  

  • How to capture learning from complaints
  • How to translate learning into practical service improvements
  • When and how to share learning with staff, managers, residents and contractors
  • Specific examples of how landlords have used learning to improve services.

Why attend?

Faced with tightening resources and increasing demands, landlords need to maximise their use of the intelligence that complaints can provide.

This workshop is essential for those involved in complaint handling and for all staff and managers who are committed to driving service improvement.

Delegates will come away with a clear understanding of the benefits of a learning culture and of how learning can be systematically captured and used.

About our speakers;

John Goodwin, Systemic Adjudicator, Housing Ombudsman Service John Goodwin is a Systemic Adjudicator with the Housing Ombudsman Service. In this role he addresses systemic failings by social landlords. He is also part of the Ombudsman’s Sector Development Team – working with landlords, residents and others to improve complainthandling across the sector. Prior to joining the Ombudsman, John spent ten years with the Audit Commission – inspecting a range of housing organisations and services. John previously worked for Shelter in several roles, including Head of Legal Services, Editor of ROOF magazine and co-editor of ADVISER magazine. He began his housing career working in homelessness, housing advice and resettlement for a London borough. John has written and edited a number of publications including: ‘Built to Last’ (a history of British housing policy) and ‘Homelessness – a good practice guide’. John is an accredited mediator and a trustee and past chair of a social care charity.

Dave Simmons, Sector Development Lead, Housing Ombudsman Service Dave has worked at the Housing Ombudsman Service for 14 years holding several roles including that of an Adjudicator. In his current position as Sector Development Lead, he is responsible for sharing insight, promoting best practice and raising standards in complaint handling in the sector. A lot of this work he does through the writing and delivery of workshops and webinars to both residents and landlords on a range of subjects. Outside of his work with the Ombudsman Service Dave has written and delivered training workshops for Tpas (tenant engagement experts) in his capacity as an associate. He is also an accredited mediator and volunteers as a community mediator for a charity based in Croydon which specialises in neighbourhood disputes. 


"I think this was a very enjoyable virtual workshop Dave and John both delivered with professionalism and had extensive knowledge.  I thought the participants also contributed to an enjoyable workshop too."

"I thought Dave and John brought a really positive, enthusiastic and reassuring energy to the session. So often online workshops can feel a bit lifeless, but this is the most engaging one I've attended so far." 

"Dave and John are very knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions and give their own opinions. I think the group parts are valuable and enjoyable, as you get to speak to others from the industry."

"It was really well structured and gives a sense of working in partnership with regulators. Keep doing what you are doing - thank you. HQN are always very professional in their delivery of training, workshop and networking." 

"Was an excellent virtual event with lots of participation and good ideas."

This workshop will also take place on Thursday 28 April, Friday 27 May, Wednesday 8 June, Wednesday 29 June, Friday 8 July, Wednesday 7 September and Thursday 28 September.

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