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Gotcha! Getting to grips with annual reports

  • Type HQN Event
  • Venue Manchester
  • Start 28 Jan 2020 10:00
  • End 28 Jan 2020 13:00


Gotcha! Getting to grip with annual reports

Turn your glossy brochures and fancy e-zines read by no one into something useful to tenants.

Stop press!

Housing providers are facing a kicking from the regulator if they don't sort out the quality of their annual reports.

The RSH has warned landlords that the yearly reports to tenants are mandatory and should explicitly tell them how well (or how badly) they are performing.

Annual reports play an important role in making organisations more transparent to their residents – so facts, figures and essential messages – such as that 2020 rent rise – are key.

Hatchet job!

Unfortunately, here at HQN, we don't think many of the annual reports we see are fit for purpose. The flaws include:

  • Lots of unsubstantiated boasting (we are fantastic)
  • Too much jargon and corporate bluster
  • Pointless meandering introductions from the chair
  • Spellbinding graphics that contain no actual information
  • Zero comparative data
  • No sign that tenants have been asked what they want to see in these reports (in fact it is often impossible to discern the intended audience at all).

But fear not. At this half-day masterclass, led by HQN chief executive Alistair McIntosh and former national newspaper journalist John McJannet, we will give you everything you need to transform your annual reports from a glossy and vacuous PR exercise into something truly worthwhile and regulator approved. Tanya Edwards from First Choice Homes Oldham will also be giving her insight.

Our team of experts will:

  • Study delegates’ annual reports
  • Produce a mock annual report with some flaws for the delegates to analyse
  • Provide guidance for producing a good annual report
  • Explore the various different formats.

Delegates will go away inspired with loads of tips for transforming their reports.

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