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Gas safety masterclass – the ‘new normal’ for compliance and emerging best practice

  • Type HQN Event (Virtual)
  • Venue Virtual masterclass
  • Start 09 Jun 2021 10:30
  • End 09 Jun 2021 12:30


Gas safety masterclass – the ‘new normal’ for compliance and emerging best practice

Virtual masterclass

Get the lowdown on the latest gas safety legislation and best practice at our popular masterclass as we begin to emerge from lockdown.

The law hasn’t been on lockdown – the fact that landlords have certain legal obligations has not changed.

But staying compliant relies on gaining access to tenants’ homes. Covid-19 will continue to make this harder.

HQN is delighted to bring you a live virtual masterclass on gas safety, inspections and gas related issues.

The session will cover the legal aspects around compliance enforcement and penalties for non-compliance.

Kevin Bentley, lead assessor for HQN’s gas safety accreditation, will cover the practical issues and best practice principles.

We’ll also take a look at the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, including an overview of the government’s plans to replace gas boilers with hydrogen systems in all new-build properties from 2025.

What will be covered:

  • The latest legislation – guidance on how to remain compliant and the latest case law affecting you, including information on the issue of access
  • Effective working with your contractor/DLO – make sure the relationship is delivering what you need
  • Are your maintenance systems up to date? The main issues and a checklist of what you should be doing
  • Key performance indicators, monitoring and reporting arrangements – what, where and when?
  • Best practice – take stock of current best practice including the benefits of SMART technology
  • Managing and mitigating your risks and disaster recovery – effective planning for the future
  • A look ahead at the implications of Carbon Zero and the new era of hydrogen boilers.

Who should attend:

Repairs and maintenance operatives, gas managers, health and safety managers, officers and operatives, void and housing managers, surveyors and multi-skilled operatives, operations management and those responsible for contracting with, assessing and managing gas safety.

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