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FeelSafe – rethinking the customer experience in the post-lockdown era

  • Type HQN Event (Virtual)
  • Venue Virtual workshop
  • Start 12 Aug 2020 10:30
  • End 12 Aug 2020 13:00


FeelSafe – rethinking the customer experience in the post-pandemic era

Virtual workshop

A new workshop created exclusively for housing organisations by market-leading service design agency Hellon

Feeling safe at home, in the workplace and when we go out in public is the top priority for all of us in the post-lockdown era.

Covid-19 will be a game changer for human interactions in the future but how do housing providers reassure their residents that they are providing a safe environment in their homes and offices?

Research in the UK shows 84% of consumers feel safety will be one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing between service providers after the pandemic. But biosafety, social distancing and the heightened frequency of cleaning practices do not seem to be enough to restore peace of mind. Customers need to feel safe and reassured that their wellbeing is a top priority. It is therefore vital that service providers learn how to look beyond what is good enough and create comfort by enhancing a more emotive perception of safety.

Fortunately, help is at hand.  HQN is once again teaming up with the world-leading service design agency Hellon to introduce the housing sector to their new FeelSafe concept and design framework.

‘A fantastic presentation.  Really resonates’ 

‘Much food for thought not only about the new normal but also around customer service in general’

‘This has really helped me to think about strategy. It’s important to look at things from a different angle’

The FeelSafe workshop will:

  • Explore what the new ‘perception of safety’ means for organisations and service delivery
  • Explore resident expectations of the ‘new relationship’ with their housing provider
  • Showcase best practice that can improve customer experience in the post-pandemic era, by exploring how requirements for service provision have changed (eg heightened need for self-service, change on nature of interaction between a sales representative and the consumer, etc).

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a particularly anxious period for vulnerable individuals and social housing providers have an obligation to ensure tenants feel safe in the presence of their own home and the spaces and services provided adjacent to it. 

Trust has always been a key factor in the way organisations are perceived by their customers and their ability to make people feel safe from infection is an additional layer that all businesses need to think about.

If we are ever to get back to a world where we can talk to residents face to face on the doorstep or enter their homes to carry out a repair or gas safety check then we need to have a plan in place on how best to achieve a level of trust and understanding that encourages these types of interaction. The danger is that this period of remote relationships for both residents and colleagues makes it harder than ever to empathise and engage.

Delegates attending the virtual session will:

  • Gain insights into new behaviours that have surfaced since the advent of the global pandemic
  • Take away best practice that has been identified in increasing the perception of safety in a post-Covid-19 era
  • Take away a design framework on how to identify the actions needed to serve a vulnerable community with a more human-centric approach.


  • Andreas Pattichis, Lead Service Designer, Hellon
  • Eloise Smith-Foster, Service Designer, Hellon
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