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Disaster – could you cope? SAFETYnet Annual Conference 2018


SAFETYnet Annual Conference 2018

Even the best run organisations are not immune to things going wrong. The question is, are your people prepared for the worst that could happen?

Do you really understand the far-reaching implications a major incident such as a gas explosion or fire can have? Do you have a robust plan in place to deal with every detail if disaster strikes?

While we all talk about the lessons being learned from tragedies such as Grenfell, how can we put words and sentiment to the test?

For its re-launched annual conference, SAFETYnet is giving housing professionals from across the business an opportunity to get involved in a no-nonsense day of quick-thinking, where you’ll deal with a wide range of ‘must dos’ when things go wrong.

This will be a practical event and will require you to get involved in a hard-hitting scenario that will make you think on your feet, test your resolve and resilience and support you in making the right decisions.

'Breaking news'

During the conference, a scenario will be introduced, followed by a series of ‘breaking news’ updates and unpredictable twists throughout the day. Delegates will be guided through establishing their incident management structure and challenged to not only engage in the scenario, but also think outwardly about ‘what ifs’ and other options.

You’ll also have the chance to measure the plans your own organisation would have in place if such an incident was to occur.

Throughout the day you will be working in teams and recording decisions and actions on our live incident log. After the event participants will be given their team’s incident log to aid in post-event self-evaluation of your responses.

Who should attend?

  • Health and safety professionals
  • Board members
  • Chief executives
  • Directors
  • Facilities managers
  • Asset managers
  • Risk and assurance managers
  • Communications teams
  • People with responsibility for:
    • Business continuity
    • Disaster recovery
    • Crisis management.

Our speakers

The event is being delivered by the SAFETYnet Team in partnership with RW Consulting Solutions Limited.

We are delighted to have the expertise of Rob Walley, Director, and his team from RW Consulting Solutions Ltd (RWCSL) on board to provide the very best experience for the event.

Rob is a highly experienced resilience professional who has delivered resilience projects, including strategic training exercises and business continuity management systems and documentation, in a variety of public and private sector organisations.

His impressive track record of clients includes:

  • Local Government
  • Home Office
  • Olympic Games
  • Government Security Zone
  • A number of organisations across the housing and private sector.
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Cancellations and substitutions:

A full refund will be given if a cancellation is made 28 calendar days or more prior to the event, and a 50% refund if a cancellation is made 15-27 calendar days prior to the event. We regret that no refund can be given if a cancellation is made 14 calendar days or less before the event.

Cancellations must be made in writing, and will be acknowledged by HQN Limited. There is no refund for non-attendance, but delegates may be substituted at any time.


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