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Bringing customer journey maps to life

  • Type HQN Event (Virtual)
  • Venue Virtual workshop
  • Start 14 Oct 2021 10:30
  • End 14 Oct 2021 13:00


 Bringing customer journey maps to life

Virtual workshop

Understand how to create customer journey maps that engage the whole organisation and lead to better services at these interactive virtual workshops.

Customer journey mapping has become a key process for housing providers as they try to better understand and improve their relationship with residents.

But how do you turn a paper exercise into something meaningful and ‘real’ for the whole organisation that ultimately leads to better services?

To truly understand the ‘customer experience’, it is important to map the flow of how a customer becomes acquainted, uses and follows-up on a service offering. But how this customer journey information is used varies from organisation to organisation. For example, it could chart an existing customer journey or be used to develop an ambition for the future.

Where customer journey mapping often falls down, however, is that it remains stuck with an individual or team and has limited visibility across the wider organisation. Although ownership of the customer journey map is critical, this lack of stakeholder engagement can also mean important elements of the journey are missing or support processes are missed out.

The map therefore needs to be documented in a way that everyone can easily understand it and needs to be formatted in an intuitive way. But building one and acquiring the right insight can be a rather overwhelming task without the right tools and understanding.

Thankfully, help is at hand. Leading service design agency Hellon, which has been responsible for hundreds of creating customer journey maps across many different sectors, social housing included, are delighted to share their expertise with housing professionals at these exclusive workshops.

The virtual sessions will explore:

  • How to bring your customer journey map to life - tools and techniques
  • The benefits of treating the customer journey as a living document
  • How to involve stakeholders in creating a customer journey
  • What insights are required from the customer and how best to acquire them
  • How to turn a journey map into an emotional map.

The workshop will combine theory with a set of reflective exercises and a showcase of inspirational case studies and methods to gain a better pragmatic understanding of the methodology.

The session will be led by:

Andreas Pattichis - Lead Service Designer, Hellon

Andreas is a Nordic designer with a Mediterranean twist. As a lead service designer, he has worked in a variety of industries through the multifaceted nature of working in creative agencies. His co-workers describe him as full of energy, and excited about anything set onto his plate. Andreas has a strong academic background in the field of service design, which has allowed him to explore many sides of the field, with a keen interest in the development of a business mindset and an understanding of the opportunities in digitalisation. His biggest passion is working with people, with strong public speaking skills and an interest in exploring new methods for facilitating co-creative sessions. He has strong design lead skills, ensuring success and on-time delivery of any project. 

Elisa Facondo - Senior Service Designer, Hellon

Elisa is a versatile designer who is strong in both visual design and service design. Her service design expertise ranges from user research, customer interviews and designing workshop structures, to concept design and prototyping.  She is passionate about creating visual solutions that can communicate ideas to people on any level: from presentations and workshop visual support to full brand identities and activation creation. With degrees in Service and Interior design, Elisa communicates things 360°: thinking of the customer journey from start to end and looking at customer experience from several points of view.

Eloise Smith-Foster - Service Designer, Hellon

Eloise is an experienced, value-led and research-driven service designer.  Her practical experience in Germany and the UK, combined with a Master of European Design from the Glasgow School of Art, Aalto University and KISD University enables her to draw upon diverse methodologies and intercultural design expertise gained across Europe. She confidently undertakes insight driven projects end-to-end; from trend analytics and user research, to concept development, prototyping and delivery.  She is experienced in working across products, services and systems, with a particular focus on long term business opportunities due to her grounding in futures research.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for anyone who is involved in defining their tenant/homeowner experience or wishes to get a better understanding on how to utilise a journey map in their day-to-day business.

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