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How to edit video for social media.

Smartphones are amazing tools for filming content. Editing that footage into something stylish, professional and which creates impact is challenging is an art in itself. This course explains how to do it. Our BBC-trained experts will take you through the essential skills needed.

By the end of this course delegates will:

  • Understand the different types and uses of editing apps and programmes
  • Be able to construct a story in the edit
  • Use sound and music to enhance the content.

There are many different types of editing software. This course is designed to teach the overall principles of editing rather than the specific operating systems of each programme or app.

It is a practical session which includes editing a piece of content and having it reviewed by our experts.

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    Course programme

    Editing apps

    • Intro to phone-based editing apps – their uses and limitations.

    Desktop editing programmes

    • Intro to desktop editing – the benefits of upskilling.

    Creating a story

    • The importance of storytelling to create impact
    • Planning out an edit before you start
    • Deciding on a storyteller – voice over, interview, text or a combination?

    The edit

    • Setting up your edit and choosing the right format for your platforms
    • Importing and organising your raw material
    • Creating a timeline and editing pictures, sound and sequences
    • Finding, adding and editing music.

    The finishing touches

    • Basic colour grading
    • Adding subtitles
    • Creating good still images from your video content
    • Exporting your content for different platforms.

    Who should attend?

    Anyone at any level in an organisation who has experience of filming content in their role and wants to improve their editing skills.

  • Our trainer

    Chris Quevatre is a creative and intuitive film-maker who delivers to global audiences on streaming and social media platforms. He has delivered a wide-ranging portfolio for Ocean City Media from epic promotional films to emotive and inspiring campaigns. Whatever the project, he will find the authentic, personal, voice to carry key messaging to the audience.

    A pioneer in digital films, Chris is in touch with emerging trends and understands the power of analytical tools to build and grow audience reach.

    He is Ocean City Media’s drone aerials and animation commissioning specialist and delivered one of the first major animation partnerships for BBC England. Chris has trained BBC teams and is a visiting lecturer in digital film production at Marjon University.

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