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Many housing organisations manage employee disciplinary and grievance situations well, but when things progress to appeal stage they can often involve senior executives and Board Members who have little involvement with employee relations issues and who may find it hard to scrutinise the decisions made by managers and adopt an impartial and fair stance for all concerned.

This course will:

  • Help delegates understand the nature of the appeal process in both disciplinary and grievance situations, and the unique role of the Executives / Board Members who are involved in the appeal
  • Cover the way appeals should be heard, and the key issues for any appeal to consider, along with examples of appeal processes to examine via a case study approach.
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    Delegates will learn to

    • Understand the role of disciplinary procedures in the workplace
    • Understand the legal frameworks for discipline and the link to Employment Tribunals
    • Clarify the purpose and role of an appeal
    • Clarify what happens in an appeal
    • Understand the range of potential outcomes from an appeal.

    Workshop outline

    • The role of disciplinary procedures in the workplace – why we have them
    • The legal and regulatory frameworks for discipline – and the basics of what an Employment Tribunal will look for
    • Appeals – role and purpose.  Who hears it, what are the grounds? The difference between a review of the decision, and a full rehearing
    • Appeals – what happens. The process, the preparation needed, what happens in the meeting, how to determine fairness, consistency and other thorny issues
    • Tricky cases – balance of probability issues / civil burden of proof
    • Appeals – outcomes and next steps.

    Who should attend

    Any senior executive or Board Member who is involved in the appeal stages of a Disciplinary or Grievance process.

    This workshop can also be run in-house for groups of Executives or Board Members so it can be tailored to cover organisational-specific issues.

  • Our trainer

    Gary Cookson has held several senior HR roles in various sectors, including 12 years in housing. He has delivered CIPD, ILM and CIH programmes for many years. He speaks regularly at conferences about leadership and HR, and is active on social media. He also carries out training on a range of topics for HQN.

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