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Helping customers deal with everyday stresses as well as the fear of financial ruin, job loss, social isolation, contagion, illness and death is vitally important.

We all need a level of stress to function – it can be a motivator. However, it can have a massive detrimental effect manifesting itself in many different ways – forgetfulness, anxiety, anger, inability to make decisions as well as difficulties with sleeping. These can result in more disabling and sometimes permanent mental or physical health problems.

This course focuses on how best to recognise and deal with customer stress. It will give you advice on preventing customer stress and, if this fails, some easy to use techniques that will help support customers suffering from or at risk of stress. It will also help you to manage your own stress.

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    You will:

    • Understand what stress is, including positive stress and negative stress
    • Explore the current situation and how the current Covid-19 crisis can impact on the stress levels and mental wellbeing of your customers
    • Find out how to spot stress in face to face or telephone situations and the appropriate questions to ask to identify stress
    • Explore tools and techniques to help:
      • prevent stress in customers
      • help reduce stress in customers.

    These will include one off strategies for dealing with isolated incidents to long term strategies that can be applied throughout the lockdown and beyond with customers who are more vulnerable or needy.

    Who should attend?

    Essential for all frontline staff providing a customer service as well as managers and directors with a strategic role.

    Delivery method

    This training can be delivered via Zoom video conferencing during lockdown or face to face if conditions change in the coming weeks. Delegates will be able to interact via zoom and will receive full course materials.


  • Our trainer

    Danny McGowan BSC, MSC has been involved in supporting people with substance misuse, mental health and other complex needs for over 20 years. He has developed experience in many specialist areas, such as working with hoarders and those with a dual diagnosis and has delivered training in techniques such as motivational interviewing and CBT. He has been delivering training for the housing sector for over a decade and has many years’ experience of developing client/customer involvement and peer mentoring schemes.

    Danny uses a combination of his years of experience, current good practice guidelines and research evidence to deliver the topics he trains. He uses a holistic interactive training style that provides delegates with real skills and information, which they are then able to apply back in the workplace and beyond. He has delivered training and provided consultancy to numerous organisations during his career. Notable clients include the Department of Health, Department of Work and Pensions and the Home Office as well as housing organisations across the UK.

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