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Suitable for:       All What does this mean?

Come on this course to learn more about deaf people. Understand how you can use British Sign Language (BSL) to help you feel confident and professional when you are meeting deaf customers in your work. In addition to learning everyday useful language you will also learn phrases specific to housing, eg, rooms of the house, repairs.

What you will learn:

  • What BSL is and who uses it
  • Confidence in producing the BSL alphabet and ability to ‘read’ simple words back in BSL
  • Knowledge of a wide range of basic BSL phrases and questions, and ability to use them and ‘read’ them back
  • Key signs and phrases relevant to housing
  • Know what equipment can help deaf people
  • Awareness of the professionals who help deaf people
  • Understanding that deaf etiquette is different to that of the hearing world.
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    Course content includes:

    • What BSL is, and a brief history
    • The BSL alphabet
    • Using meeting and greeting signs with residents
    • Differences between BSL and Sign Supported English
    • How to ask a resident a question in BSL
    • Housing-specific signs
    • Working with interpreters
    • Numbers, days, time and drink/food signs
    • Putting it all into practice.

    Who should attend?

    • Every member of staff who may meet a customer who is a BSL user
    • Everyone who is thinking of undertaking a Level 1 BSL qualification and wants to have a try first.
  • Our trainer

    Julie Ryder combines an abundance of energy and knowledge and brings training alive. Her background is originally in commercial training with NatWest Mortgage Services. After losing her hearing she decided to use her deafness in a positive way, and since 2002 she has been developing and delivering a variety of training on all disability issues. Julie has won numerous awards and has extensive experience in the housing sector, successfully training staff, managers and tenant groups.

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