Electrical safety and awareness

Electricity is a necessary part of our everyday lives. We use it from the moment we wake up and throughout the day. As a result, we sometimes forget that it can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property due to its ability to electrocute, burn and start fires. 

Electrical safety and awareness

It is often overlooked as a hazard in workplaces and homes and may pose a serious risk. This introduction to electrical safety and awareness is for non-technical staff who need to carry out simple electrical duties or work with electrical equipment. 

It has been designed to help those who have little or no experience or professional qualifications associated with electricity to learn how to comply with the law and follow safe working practices. 

Topics covered: 

  • Electricity and the law 
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) 
  • Emergency lighting 
  • Visual inspections and risk assessments 
  • Simple electrical circuits 
  • Disconnecting devices 
  • Electrical quantities and units 
  • Typical electrical hazards 
  • Common electrical problems, symptoms and remedies. 

Who should attend: 

Caretakers, handymen, new staff dealing with repairs and maintenance or who have a responsibility for carrying out electrical inspections and risk assessments. 

Electrical safety and awareness

Nancy Witham

Repairs and maintenance Nancy Witham

Nancy Witham has more than 30 years experience within the Social Housing Sector. She delivers innovative, engaging interactive training to operational staff in Repairs & Maintenance, Neighbourhood, Customer Service and Business IT systems. Nancy’s style of training makes learning enjoyable and relevant and her training programmes receive consistently excellent feedback.

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