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Domestic abuse series

HQN’s domestic abuse series is the ideal opportunity for you to get up to speed with everything to do with domestic abuse and stay up to date with best practice.

Domestic abuse series

There’s been a lot happening:

  • The pandemic resulted in increased instances of cases whilst the avenues for support and escape were greatly restricted
  • Housing providers have revised their approaches
  • The Domestic Abuse Act was enacted in April 2021
  • The Social Housing White Paper clearly set out the government’s expectations of housing providers in dealing and resolving domestic abuse.

That’s why HQN has teamed up with Addressing Domestic Abuse to put together this series of practical workshops delivered by experts in the field.

Domestic abuse series session 3

Learning lessons in responding to domestic abuse – adapting our services
Tuesday 5 July 2022 – Book now

This session will look at the lessons learnt from the lockdowns and how housing providers have adapted their ways of working to recognise and respond to domestic abuse. They will explain how they plan to deliver their services going forward. There will be a question and answer session with the panel.

Domestic abuse series session 5

Domestic abuse within racialised communities
Wednesday 3 August 2022 – Book now

The session will be run by Kelly Henderson, Managing Director of Addressing Domestic Abuse and the subject matter expert is Meena Kumari – Founder and Director of H.O.P.E   

It will focus on how domestic abuse impacts those from racialised communities.

Domestic abuse series 9 Aug

Domestic homicide reviews – what are the lessons for housing?
Tuesday 9 August 2022 – Book now

Everything you need to know about domestic homicide reviews.

This workshop will explain what DHRs are, the criteria for deciding if one needs to be held and how they work in practice.

It will highlight lessons emerging for professionals generally and specifically for housing.   

Domestic abuse series session 6

Repairs and domestic abuse
Thursday 1 September 2022

This session will explore the links between repairs and domestic abuse and what steps housing providers and property companies are taking to recognise domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse series session 7

Homelessness code of guidance…one year on
Wednesday 12 October 2022 

One year on from the Homeless Code of Guidance on domestic abuse what has been the result of this? This session hears the voices of those with lived experience of homelessness due to domestic abuse and takes a look at examples of  good practice.   

Domestic abuse series session 8

The Domestic Abuse Act (2021) – What does it mean for housing?
Friday 25 November 2022 – Book now

It has been a year since the DA Act was enacted (April 2021).  This session will take a walk through the Act and highlight what it means for housing providers.  

Domestic abuse series session 9

Domestic abuse protection orders
Early 2023 (the date it comes into force) 

This session will outline what DAPOs will look like in practice and what will they mean for victims of domestic abuse. We will include a walk through how they will work and a panel discussion.   

Domestic abuse series session 1

The Domestic Abuse Act (2021) – one year on. What does it mean for housing?
Thursday 21 April 2022 – COMPLETED

It has been a year since the DA Act was enacted (April 2021). This session will take a walk through the Act and highlight what it means for housing providers.