Do you feel under pressure to merge?

Do you feel under pressure to merge? Is it really the right answer for you? We can give you impartial advice.

Do you feel under pressure to merge?

Is a merger really the best way to deal with the rent cut and welfare reform? It will be the right answer for some but you need to look into the pros and cons of this carefully. It will cost a lot of money to set up a merger. And they don’t always work out.

HQN can help you to look before you leap. We can:

  • Test out the effect on your business plan of the rent cuts, welfare reform, reduced funding for Supporting People, hikes in interest rates and other stresses
  • Evaluate the impact of mitigating actions you can take like making efficiencies in maintenance, channel shifting, going for alternative sources of funding, cost sharing deals and giving a revised service offer to tenants
  • Assess your viability and capacity to deliver as a stand-alone RP
  • Identify potential merger partners and analyse their accounts to estimate the savings (and transaction costs) that merger could bring.

Please note: We will not seek further work with you on a merger if that is the right option for you. That would be a conflict of interest. We do not represent third parties.

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pdf Current Form Follows Function is a toolkit for housing association boards to strategically assess how best to consider their vision and purpose. We see this as a box from which you can select the right spanner for the job, rather than a ‘how to’ guide. File size: 846KB Published Date: 23/02/2018
pdf Current To merge or not to merge? File size: 128KB Published Date: 05/07/2017 Download
pdf Current Report: Form follows function This is the full HQN Form Follows Function report to accompany our toolkit. It captures the key findings from our research based on resident surveys, interviews with CEOs and leading practitioners, a literature review and roundtable discussions. File size: 2MB Published Date: 13/12/2016 Download
Total results: 3

Anna Pattison

Anna Pattison

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