Disability equality and inclusion for the workplace

Disability equality is not only a hot topic but an essential one. 

Disability equality and inclusion for the workplace

By understanding the barriers and challenges that disabled people face in the workplace, managers and leaders can feel confident and knowledgeable when supporting disabled employees. The session is an opportunity to explore and develop understanding of disability and disabled people, specifically related to the workplace.   

Disability equality can be a minefield but when broken down, is not hard to understand. By grasping the topic, a workplace will benefit by having a productive, creative and diverse workforce.

This course will offer:

  • Practical advice and solutions that can be implemented to create inclusive workplaces
  • An opportunity to explore the benefits and scope of reasonable adjustments  
  • An insight into the importance and relevance of language and attitude and ways of tackling these
  • Exploration of the differences between inclusion and accessibility.

This course is interactive, with scenarios, group work, games and Q&A to ensure the content is meaningful.

The training will benefit everyone who would like to improve their understanding of disability equality and inclusion and is particularly relevant to HR, L and D, line managers and all those responsible for recruitment.  

Disability equality and inclusion for the workplace

Esi Hardy

Esi Hardy Esi Hardy

As an experienced trainer and public speaker, Esi facilitates businesses to reap the benefits of being inclusive employers. As well as having significant operational, training and consultancy experience, Esi also has lived the experience of being disabled. This helps inform her interactive workshops and creates an environment where delegates are able to confidently and safely ask the questions that they feel they would not ask anywhere else.

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