Development basics for Boards and Committees

This is a half day training session specifically designed for board and committee members working with or new to housing development. 

Development basics for Boards and Committees

In the current climate, a clear line of sight for Boards and Committees and excellent risk management has never been more pressing. 

Housing organisations have increased challenges for their business plans, and some are required to make profit by including market rent and sale propositions and by increasing their development programme. 

Boards and Committees are under pressure to demonstrate each members understanding of development, to help provide the necessary assurance of competent oversight. 

This training session can be delivered to groups as small as three people and will help those in and new to housing development develop a sound overview of: 

  • The Development Process 
  • Basics of development appraisals 
  • How to be risk aware and which questions to ask the executive team 
  • How the NPV, IRR and Pay Back periods are arrived at 
  • How cross-subsidy would work (open market sale, subsidising shared ownership and social rent). 

The course is designed to be flexible and bespoke to help aid understanding and build member confidence. 

What the course will cover: 

  • Key stages of the development process 
  • Elements of scheme feasibility 
  • Assumptions, parameters and appraisal sensitivity 
  • Net Present Value 
  • Internal Rate of Return 
  • Pay Back Periods 
  • Development Risk and Management 
  • Case Study examples of risk in deals and unforeseens 
  • Operation of Cross Subsidy 
  • Cash Management 
  • Questions to ask the Executive. 

Vicky Carroll

Technical Vicky Carroll

Vicky Carroll has over 25 years’ experience of working with Charities, Registered providers, Local Authorities and commercial businesses. She has significant experience in the private sector and has been a company Director in a commercial cost consultancy. In the public sector she has been a Director of a Private Finance Initiative with responsibility for developing and managing commercial enterprises.