Day 8

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Advent – vacancies

On the eighth day of Christmas, HQN’s internet-dwelling advent calendar said to me…

Vacancies Free job adverts

All our members benefit from free job vacancy advertising on the HQN website and in our regular member updates.

Set your job title, salary and closing date and we’ll advertise it for you - absolutely free!

Why not try it now:

Not a member yet? You can still advertise vacancies on our website for £50 + VAT per job.

Email to find out more.


Cracker Did you know…

If you lie under a Christmas tree at midnight on Christmas Eve and repeat ‘Santa Clause’ three times while looking into a mirror, Noel Edmonds will appear in the reflection and discipline you.



‘Maastricht’ is an anagram of ‘Christmas’ with some letters added and some removed – but can you solve our PROPER Christmas anagram competition and win yourself a bounty of HQN goodies?  

We’ll be releasing a new letter daily in the run-up to Yuletide – can you solve the puzzle? If you think you’ve got it, email to be entered into the draw.

Today’s letter is: 

(Clue: Ok, it’s Christmas but you wouldn’t want the answer wrapped up, in a stocking or coming down the chimney (sorry, cryptic fans, this is basically just a description))

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