Day 6

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Advent - CRAM

On the sixth day of Christmas, HQN’s digital advent calendar said to me…


Steve? No, don’t be silly. Want to make sure your repairs service is value for money? Let us have your repairs data and we’ll put it through our bespoke model.

We’ll provide you with all the answers and more!

For more information, try this internet link for size


Special offer!

5% discount for the first 5 people to sign up for our CRAM Accreditation. Click here to email Anna and claim your discount using promotional code #ADVENT06

Offer valid until 18 January 2019 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Cracker Did you know

Hollywood star Tom Cruise likes to spend Christmas Day at Chorley Services off the M6. Well, he did: after downing 17 eggnogs, mounting the forecourt’s festive tree and causing over £100’s worth of damage last year, he earned himself a lifetime ban.



‘Maastricht’ is an anagram of ‘Christmas’ with some letters added and some removed – but can you solve our PROPER Christmas anagram competition and win yourself a bounty of HQN goodies?  

We’ll be releasing a new letter daily in the run-up to Yuletide – can you solve the puzzle? If you think you’ve got it, email to be entered into the draw.

Today’s letter is: 

(Clue: ‘To be or not to be’ said Hamlet. Very nice but unlikely to be of any help with the anagram, sorry.) 

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