Day 13

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Advent - Health and Safety

On the thirteenth day of Christmas we realised that there are only 12 days of Christmas and that we’d mistakenly started counting from the 1st December but it’s too late now so we’ve got to carry on somehow to the 25th, and then HQN gave to me…

Health and safety Health & Safety day!

At HQN we support excellence in health and safety in the housing sector in lots of ways:


Special offer!

Join The Health and Safety Network for £720 + VAT per year. That’s 100 English pounds hacked away from the usual price!

Email and quote #ADVENT13 to claim this offer.

Offer valid until 18 January 2019 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Cracker Did you know…

Mariah Carey’s hit ‘All I Want For Christmas’ was written by Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong. Of course you didn’t – because it’s not true. It was actually penned by Deng Xiaoping.



‘Maastricht’ is an anagram of ‘Christmas’ with some letters added and some removed – but can you solve our PROPER Christmas anagram competition and win yourself a bounty of HQN goodies?  

We’ll be releasing a new letter daily in the run-up to Yuletide – can you solve the puzzle? If you think you’ve got it, email to be entered into the draw.

Today’s letter is: 

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