Day 12

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, HQN revealed the following to me…

Social media We’re listening!

Not in a spooky CIA way, honest! We’re a modern, hip, digitally-entangled organisation that listens avidly to its members and customers.

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Cracker  Did you know…

In 1985, palace courtiers attempted to ‘liven things up’ by allowing madcap TV funnyman Russ Abbot to pen the Queen’s traditional Christmas Day speech. According to leaked documents, the work was so ‘unspeakably abhorrent, dangerous and treasonous’ that not only was the commission abandoned but Abbot was placed on MI5’s terror watch list, where he remains to this day.



‘Maastricht’ is an anagram of ‘Christmas’ with some letters added and some removed – but can you solve our PROPER Christmas anagram competition and win yourself a bounty of HQN goodies?  

We’ll be releasing a new letter daily in the run-up to Yuletide – can you solve the puzzle? If you think you’ve got it, email to be entered into the draw.

Today’s letter is: 

(Clue: When trying to solve an anagram, try rearranging the letters to find a new word or phrase.)

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