Customer service – making the most of your telephone and digital interactions

Covid-19 has made us all rely far more on telephone and digital interactions than ever before – it's time to brush up on our skills.

Customer service – making the most of your telephone and digital interactions

This interactive training session (run as a virtual classroom) will give delegates the skills to deliver exceptional customer service over the telephone or through social media and digital communications such as web chats and email.

Focusing on the customer experience the training is split into five interrelated sections to build delegates’ appreciation and understanding of customer service in a social housing setting:

  • The customer experience
  • Structuring calls and digital interactions
  • Call handling techniques
  • Managing challenging situations
  • Digitised customer service.

We start by exploring the importance of customer experience, and how this relates to the housing sector where an unhappy customer cannot as easily exercise their choice and switch provider.

We then consider the structure and best practice of call handling and responding to digital requests, including hints and tips, do's and don'ts and the essential skills required to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Sometimes conversations (telephone or digital) don't go the way a customer expects - handling these situations can be challenging, so we have dedicated a section to managing these more demanding situations, including how to give negative messages (saying no) to customer requests in a positive way.

This is followed up with an opportunity to consider some real-life case studies and, work together using the best practice learnt, to resolve the queries and learn from others.

Finally, you'll learn about the emerging science behind digital and social media queries and how to translate this into practical and modern approaches, delivering the very best customer service through digital interactions.

Who should attend?

Anyone with responsibility for dealing with customers over the telephone or digitally. This training is particularly useful for staff who work in a contact centre type environment and for everyone currently working in the “virtual” world.

Richard Walker

Customer service Richard Walker

Richard Walker is an HQN trainer and associate and has extensive knowledge and experience of customer service management, both operationally and strategically, having worked in the housing sector for over 20 years. Richard has proven success of both developing and turning round complaints services and he has undertaken numerous reviews and training sessions as a trainer and consultant. He is a trained Customer Service Excellence assessor and has also operated in a private sector customer service environment. His practical and relaxed training style ensures attendees engage and get the most out of his sessions.