An introduction to customer journey mapping – half-day course

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be one of your customers or service users? It's fundamental to the Social Housing White Paper.

An introduction to customer journey mapping – half-day course

An introduction to customer journey mapping

All too often we’re focused on processes – forgetting the customer experience. Customer journey mapping helps organisations to see their business from a customer perspective – to understand the experience of the customer, how it feels for them, what works well for them and what frustrates them. This is exactly what the Social Housing White Paper is aiming to do.

In a housing setting, journey mapping is a powerful tool. It allows you to reshape your services and how you interact with customers helping to improve satisfaction, performance, engagement and value for money. And of course, the landlord and tenant relationship.

This 3-hour interactive session will cover:

  • An introduction to the customer journey mapping framework – what it is and what it is not
  • The component parts of a customer journey map and how they work
  • Identifying insight and the goals of customer journey maps
  • Examples of how customer journey mapping can be used in the housing sector.

This is a practical workshop for everyone wanting a basic understanding of customer journey mapping – what it is and how it can be used. It will take you through the development of a map and the next steps including actions, prioritising, evaluating and driving change.

This tool is invaluable if you want to:

  • Review your services to make them streamlined, efficient and effective
  • Produce outcome-focused key performance indicators and standards
  • Resolve persistent and recurring complaints relating to a particular service
  • Target a limited budget to the right places.

Who should attend?

This training is essential for everyone – staff, team leaders and managers – with responsibility for reviewing, or an interest, in service improvement, particularly those who want to improve services based on a tenant centred approach. It is really useful for staff and managers involved in tenant engagement and scrutiny.

Richard Walker

Customer service Richard Walker

Richard Walker is an HQN trainer and associate and has extensive knowledge and experience of customer service management, both operationally and strategically, having worked in the housing sector for over 20 years. Richard has proven success of both developing and turning round complaints services and he has undertaken numerous reviews and training sessions as a trainer and consultant. He is a trained Customer Service Excellence assessor and has also operated in a private sector customer service environment. His practical and relaxed training style ensures attendees engage and get the most out of his sessions.

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