Customer journey mapping

Ever wondered what it’s like to be one of your customers or residents? Ever test-driven your service or asked one of your customers in detail how it was for them?

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping Listening to residents’ views and acting on them is exactly what the Green Paper is looking for. How can you possibly know what your residents want, their priorities and how they feel when things don’t go as smoothly as they should do for them? All you need to do is to ask the right questions.

Journey mapping is the only way to truly understand the “customer experience”. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t need to spend vast sums of money, you can make it part of your continuous improvement and insight-gathering processes. It's simple and easy once you know the basics.

Mapping isn’t just about your customers’ or residents’ experience. This tool can be used for all cross-cutting or inter-departmental services. You can use mapping for making decisions relating to people, infrastructure and budgets. It can also be used for developing new services so you ‘design out’ those annoying issues and get the service right even before it’s started.

If you want to plan an efficient and effective service, or you want to produce customer outcome-focused performance indicators and standards; if you have persistent and recurring complaints about a particular service, or if you need to target spending to the right places, then this tool will be invaluable to you.

This very practical course will cover:

  • What is customer journey mapping? Understand when and why to map, and how it fits with business process modelling
  • Challenging “we’ve always done it this way”
  • Walking in your customers’ shoes: identify customer insight, understand how to structure the maps and identify touch points
  • Meeting needs: identify the needs, expectations and behaviours at each touch point
  • Mapping a sample journey: experience journey mapping for yourself
  • Planning a mapping project in your organisation: create a plan for conducting a mapping exercise in a service area of your choice
  • Deciding and acting – sharing your findings, prioritising, evaluating results and driving change using the top-down and bottom-up change agenda.

All participants will leave with a Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) tool kit and an action plan to get them started on their service improvement project

Who should attend?

All team leaders, managers, staff and volunteers who will be conducting customer journey mapping, or who need to understand the process.

Andrew Waite

Customer services Andrew Waite

Andrew’s experience and support from front line to Board level has supported many organisations in both business and charitable sectors. Andrew was previously CEO at one of the Mencap charities, is currently Chair of Board of Trustees at Barnet Mencap. He was CEO at a Children and Families charity and is a visiting Lecturer at University of Bedfordshire as well as a previous Guest Lecturer at University of Greenwich. He specialises in supporting charities and companies with a social conscience, including those in the housing sector, supporting hard to engage communities and education for people with mental health, learning and physical disabilities.

Andrew works at a strategic level to sustain and grow organisations along with supporting leadership and management teams to engage their employees and deliver service excellence.

Andrew’s Membership:  Association of Chairs (AoC), Society for Education and Training (SET) and Gay Professionals Network (GPN).

National Diversity Award Nominee: Positive Role Model 2013 & Positive Role Model Disability 2016.

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