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Training and events to help you through the Coronavirus crisis –
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Covid-19 courses

Governance in the virtual world

Achieving the best in governance and board effectiveness was tough enough before the coronavirus turned the world upside down. Now it’s got that much more difficult.

These lively, interactive, half-day practical sessions will highlight the key points of good governance and prompt your thinking on how your organization can deliver the best in governance, as well as making the most of the virtual world.

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Governance in the virtual world      Governance in the virtual world


Women in work – keeping focused on your career during a time of uncertainty

The Institute of Fiscal Studies has shown that women are being negatively and financially impacted in lockdown. Their analysis suggests women are taking on 70% of the unpaid work at home – at the same time as work and career plans become hugely uncertain.

This workshop will give you a unique opportunity to think about how you are able to manage your work and career goals whilst in lockdown. You will gain an understanding of the latest research on gender in the workplace, linking this with your own challenges. You will leave the session with insight and practical actions to implement.

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Women in work


HQN coaching package

We are all working through unchartered territories. Our working and personal lives have changed dramatically.

Now is the time when managers, supervisors and team leaders really need all the support they can get so that they can cope with the challenges and the pressures. That’s why we have put together this special offer providing a safe, confidential place for individuals to explore key issues with experienced coach Laura Bouttell, CE of Quarterdeck.

During lockdown we are offering 3 x 1 hour individual coaching sessions (via phone or video conferencing) per week for £750 per month.

That’s around £60 per session. You can use this how you like – for just one individual or a number of different people. It's entirely up to you. You could coach your whole team over the next few months.

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HQN Coaching package


HQN individual coaching

The devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have dramatically changed our working and personal lives. The pressure continues to increase daily on key services provided by social housing staff.

No matter how good the business continuity plans were no one was really prepared for this. Managers and staff are facing totally unknown situations – working from home and agile management of remote teams, balancing home schooling and/or care for vulnerable and elderly alongside working from home, coping with reduced capacity in teams due to lockdown and protection measures, constantly needing to review and revise protocols and processes. The list goes on.

The impact of this unprecedented level of pressure can be far reaching both in terms of the mental health and productivity.

To support people through this we are offering 1-1 virtual coaching and mentoring sessions – focusing on maintaining wellbeing.

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HQN individual coaching


Consultancy from a distance… 

We know that you are all working hard to keep the front line going in these extraordinary times. And we don’t want to get in the way of that. But we can still offer essential consultancy remotely. 

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Remote consultancy