Having difficult conversations – handle them well, be more effective – half-day course

At work, at home – difficult conversations are attempted or avoided every day.

Having difficult conversations – handle them well, be more effective – half-day course

Not having those hard conversations impacts everything – most of the time we don’t see the full extent of the damage. There is a tremendous unaccounted business impact of avoiding the difficult conversations.

Giving a critical performance review. Saying no to someone in need. Confronting inappropriate behaviour. Disagreeing with the majority in a group. Apologising.

All the sorts of things we run round and round in our head, trying to figure out in advance what to say and wondering afterward what we should have said.

This session will help you understand the dynamics and reasons why these conversations are so difficult. It will help you gain experience in the skills and strategies that are necessary to ensure these conversations go well. There will be time to practise skills and strategies with role-plays and coaching.

Changing and adapting your style will take time. But the potential rewards are rich. If you follow the steps outlined in the session and put the learning into practice you will find difficult conversations becoming easier and cause less anxiety. You will be more effective and happier with the results.

The skills you will learn on this course will enable you to say anything to anyone and get a positive result.

Who’s it for?

Team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives. Everyone, regardless of their level who is responsible for running a team, who wants to create a culture of excellence and run a harmonious team.

Laura Bouttell

Senior leadership Laura Bouttell

Laura is passionate about inspiring people, whether it’s to deal with that challenging customer differently, to go out for that first run or to take that creative writing course. Her mission in life is to empower people to become their best. 

Laura is an ex-police officer, who has three degrees. She is a published academic author and editor.  

As a result of her time policing in Chapeltown, her own business and her time at Oxford, Laura has seen the gritty side of life as well as the ivory towers and uses her experiences in these diverse fields to help you achieve your dreams. 

Now Laura works with all levels of Leaders in Business to help them get the best out of themselves and those around them. She has worked with Leaders from the Co-op, Team Leaders from Asda, as well as many SMEs and owner-managed businesses that have gone from strength to strength.