A practical, interactive workshop on effective complaints management – half-day course

Complaints are not only costly in time and resource but can cause significant reputational damage. The higher they escalate, the bigger the impact on resources especially once they reach the Ombudsman or social media.

A practical, interactive workshop on effective complaints management – half-day course

The Institute of Customer Services produces the UK Customer Satisfaction Index which highlights that the top 50 organisations were differentiated by high performance in complaint handling and that only excellent complaint handling produces high customer satisfaction.

This virtual interactive training session covers all aspects of complaints management:

  • The importance of a well managed complaints service
  • Organisational and individual culture towards customers and complaints
    • What is a customer complaint and how to differentiate it from other requests
    • What good practice looks like
    • Maximising early intervention and resolution
    • Complaint stages – from zero to Ombudsman
    • Dispute resolution principles
    • How to undertake an investigation and formulate a response
    • How to avoid the Ombudsman calling (and how to deal with them if they do)
    • Responding to an Ombudsman enquiry
  • Emerging issues – complaints via social media and latest thinking from the Housing Ombudsman.

We’ll use real case studies to maximise understanding and buy in.

Who should attend?

The training is ideal for all staff involved in complaints management, housing/repairs managers, team leaders, service development and performance managers and heads of service.

Richard Walker

Customer service Richard Walker

Richard Walker is an HQN trainer and associate and has extensive knowledge and experience of customer service management, both operationally and strategically, having worked in the housing sector for over 20 years. Richard has proven success of both developing and turning round complaints services and he has undertaken numerous reviews and training sessions as a trainer and consultant. He is a trained Customer Service Excellence assessor and has also operated in a private sector customer service environment. His practical and relaxed training style ensures attendees engage and get the most out of his sessions.