Comms Fest 2021

Comms Fest 2021

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Comms Fest 2021 is a chance for you to get off the treadmill for a few hours each week and recharge your batteries. Throughout the month we’ll be hosting sessions that give you a chance to reflect, to learn and to refresh. Take a look at what we have to offer below.

Comms fest session 1

Comms fest session 1 Redefining the role of communications, public relations and marcomms: The Dublin Conversations – a better map and toolkit to survive and thrive

In this session Andy will be talking about the Dublin Conversations which is a global community of professionals who are redefining a new era in comms, advertising and public relations and looking to accelerate changes in the creative industries.

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Comms fest session 2

Comms fest session 2 Social media masterclass: what’s next for social media?

In this session comms legend Helen Reynolds will offer up her latest take on the ever-changing role of social media. We’ll take a look at current trends, and how Covid-19 has changed the way we deliver content with a greater focus on empathy and kindness.

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Comms fest session 4

Comms fest session 4 Comms and leadership: What has Covid taught us about the role of communications within our organisations?

In this session we’ll look at how to ensure the comms gets – and keeps – its seat at the ‘top table’ within our organisations and how we can work better with leaders to ensure we stay at the heart of decision making.

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Comms fest session 5

Comms fest session 5 Crisis Communications Masterclass: The lifespan of a crisis

This session will look at understanding crises as they occur and the different stages that make up a crisis. It will conclude with some points on the actions that can be taken now to make sure that you are in the past position for whatever the future may hold.

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Comms fest session 6

Comms fest session 6 Communications and diversity: understanding and tackling unconscious bias

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ll look at how the media and comms teams are changing to become more diverse, and how we can challenge stigma in our own communities with powerful campaigns.

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Comms fest session 7

Comms fest session 7 Masterclass: Influence and change: delivering successful campaigns

The efforts of people such as Marcus Rashford in 2020 have shown that, when done right, campaigning can lead to big changes in how society works. But do landlords campaign enough, and how can we be more effective in changing the minds of politicians and stakeholders?

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Comms fest session 8

Comms fest session 8 Access to information in the White Paper era – what does it mean for housing associations?

Organisations will need to be on the ball and comms teams will be on the frontline of handling new information requests, as introduced by the Social Housing White Paper. This masterclass will help you get up to speed with what the changes might mean. You will get to hear from freedom of information experts and from those who are already used to operating to FOI rule.

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Comms fest session 9

Comms fest session 9 Panel discussion: Power without responsibility: what’s the future of the media and is it really losing its relevance?

In this session we’ll look at how the media landscape is changing on a local and national level and what that means for communications professionals.

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Comms fest session 10

Comms fest session 10 Masterclass: will 2021 be the year that video kills the press release?

In this session we’ll dive into the latest trends of video production and offer up some practical tips for creating video on a budget.

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Comms fest session 3

The comms fest un-conference The CommsFest Un-Conference

Grab a brew and a cake and join one of our un-conference rooms for a chance to chat with people across social housing’s comms community about the challenges you are facing.

Attend any of the other sessions and join us at either, or both, of these networking sessions free of charge. Click on the dates below for more details.

Friday 5 February 2021

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