Commercial skills – Developing a commercial perspective – an introduction to commercial skills and market environments

Looking to develop profit making enterprises? Thinking of acquiring a commercial business? Considering starting up a new profit making business from scratch? Or do you need to grow your business into a profit making entity? 

Commercial skills – Developing a commercial perspective – an introduction to commercial skills and market environments

This introduction to commercial market environments, will help you identify the key considerations, whether setting up a commercial enterprise from scratch, turning a loss making enterprise around, or purchasing an existing commercial business. 

This practical one day course will cover: 

  • Lessons from the commercial world 
  • Language of commercial environments 
  • Customer focus and marketing 
  • Top tips from successful entrepreneurs 
  • Developing a commercial culture 
  • Overcoming potential barriers facing public/voluntary organisations attempting to make money 
  • Approaches to protect commercial ideas 
  • Turning loss making enterprises around 
  • How to develop a commercial business case 
  • Devising cashflows for market investment 
  • Due diligence processes for new and purchase of existing business 
  • Standing of the business and market 
  • How successful businesses maximise profits 
  • Running the business, supply chain and cashflow management. 

Through this highly interactive course you will use market examples to develop a deeper understanding of how to make commercial profit. The course will also encourage participants to discuss and develop their own commercial ideas helping grow confidence in their ability to assess opportunities before committing major investment and allocation of resources to new projects. 

Who should attend: 

All those tasked with making commercial profit for their businesses including leaders, executives, managers, board members and governors of public organisations, councils, registered providers and charities. 

Vicky Carroll

Technical Vicky Carroll

Vicky Carroll has over 25 years’ experience of working with Charities, Registered providers, Local Authorities and commercial businesses. She has significant experience in the private sector and has been a company Director in a commercial cost consultancy. In the public sector she has been a Director of a Private Finance Initiative with responsibility for developing and managing commercial enterprises.