Climate change group

Dedicated to improving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions across the housing sector

Climate change group content

Here at HQN we believe it is essential that the sector acts NOW to tackle climate change. The CC group is part of the main Housing Quality Network, so current members already have access. As well as all of the features of the main network, the CC group offers:

  • Free to attend best practice workshops and roundtable events with other housing organisations
  • Innovation days with leading technology companies
  • Networking opportunities with fellow housing professionals
  • Briefings, research, opinion, podcasts and videos
  • Dedicated climate change forum on the HQN website.

If you would like to contribute or facilitate one of our best practice groups, please get in touch.

For more information, please contact or call 07525 700655.

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pdf Current Selecting low energy lighting (NHBC Foundation) This practical guide for house builders and designers is an introduction to the selection of low energy lamps. It compares the categories of low energy lamps and sets out the considerations important in the selection of LED lamps. Also includes recommendations for lighting levels for different rooms in the home. File size: 2MB Published Date: 10/05/2016 Download
Total results: 25