Child sexual exploitation

Child sexual exploitation is a crime with devastating and long lasting consequences for its victims and their families. Childhoods and family life can be ruined. What can we do to help these vulnerable young people, and keep our communities safe?

Child sexual exploitation

This course has been designed to raise your awareness of child sexual exploitation so that you will feel better equipped to spot the possible signs of abuse, and then take appropriate action. It is an interactive workshop that will challenge your pre-conceptions, explore the supporting law, and examine the issues surrounding some recent, high profile cases.

Areas covered will include:

  • Definition of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Overview of relevant legislation
  • Facts and figures surrounding CSE nationally
  • Exploring victims, offenders, and those who may be vulnerable
  • Discuss organisational policies and procedures for matters of CSE
  • Statutory duties of organisations
  • Discuss the options for helping those involved with CSE.

Who should attend?

This course is for everyone who works in the public arena where they may encounter young people, and all those who feel they would like to empower themselves with more knowledge about this offence.

Child sexual exploitation

Claire Denby-Knight

Legal Claire Denby-Knight

Claire Denby-Knight is a former police officer and independent training specialist with over 15 years’ experience of training law, diversity, sexual offences and restorative justice, as well as ‘soft skills’ such as communication, questioning and customer service. She is passionate about learning and development, and has used her skills in the criminal, educational and housing sectors.

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