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Housing providers all over the country are embarking on business transformation journeys of all different shapes and sizes. Some are focusing on very specific areas while others are recalibrating their entire organisation - or merging with others. And while millions of pounds is being spent on new technology, it is buy-in from colleagues and residents that is most fundamental to a successful change programme.

At HQN we have made business transformation help and advice a key component of our offer to members.

As part of your organisation’s membership to the Housing Quality Network, you and your colleagues have the opportunity to share knowledge and experience from others working inside and outside the housing sector as part of a new networking group.

In the coming months, we are joining forces with a number of housing associations and technology companies for a series of workshops dedicated to business transformation, channel shift, staff development and culture change.

Each workshop is designed to be fully interactive with participants invited to discuss, debate and share best practice on the theme chosen by the host organisation. If you are interested in hosting such a workshop please get in touch.

Later this year, HQN will also be publishing some major research focusing on the business transformation agenda.

Business transformation – what we offer:

  • Free to attend best practice workshops and roundtable events with other housing organisations
  • Innovation days with leading technology companies
  • Networking opportunities with fellow housing professionals
  • Briefings and research
  • Dedicated business transformation forum on the HQN website.

For more information please contact or call 01904 557150.


Upcoming business transformation events

HQN has announced its new season of business transformation events for Autumn 2018. Discounts and free places on certain events are available for members of the Business Transformation Group.

Business transformation – the game

HQN is delighted to be teaming up with Venture Simulations to give housing professionals the opportunity to explore a fresh approach to transformational learning, looking specifically at culture, leadership, customer focus, financing, recruitment, planning, timing and innovation.

London – Wednesday 31 October 2018

Torus: Systems transformation and putting data at the heart of the business

Torus Group are inviting members of HQN's Business Transformation Group to join them at their offices in St Helens to hear their business transformation story. This event is FREE for Business Transformation Group members.

St Helens – Friday 2 November 2018

Business insight experience events

Discover the secret to business success and explore London's most innovative companies with HQN.

As part of our Business Transformation Group programme for the new year, HQN has arranged a series of visits to some of the capital's most exciting businesses to discover what makes them so special and how they translate their vision into successful strategies.

Click on the links below to register your interest.

Architecture00 – date TBC
Verb Brands – date TBC

Further business transformation events yet to be announced.

Keys to success

Keys to success Thinking about starting your digital transformation journey or in the middle of it feeling frustrated? HQN can offer you the keys to success.

Find out about our upcoming events...

Wednesday 16 May 2018 – London


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