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pdf Current File size: 199KB Published Date: 25/05/2021
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pdf Current File size: 269KB Published Date: 11/08/2020
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pdf Current File size: 634KB Published Date: 06/09/2019
pdf Current File size: 549KB Published Date: 30/05/2019
docx Current File size: 913KB Published Date: 14/05/2019
pdf Current File size: 681KB Published Date: 30/01/2019
pdf Current Housing Finance Network blog – Sector risk profile 2018 File size: 206KB Published Date: 18/10/2018 Download
pdf Current File size: 2MB Published Date: 11/10/2018
docx Current File size: 4MB Published Date: 04/10/2018
pdf Current File size: 2MB Published Date: 04/10/2018
pdf Current Briefing: The Social Housing Green Paper File size: 990KB Published Date: 17/08/2018 Download
pdf Current File size: 649KB Published Date: 02/08/2018
pdf Current Network briefing – The governance of small housing organisations File size: 969KB Published Date: 27/06/2018 Download
pdf Current File size: 1MB Published Date: 29/03/2018
pdf Current File size: 981KB Published Date: 15/03/2018
pdf Current File size: 2MB Published Date: 04/10/2017
docx Current File size: 11MB Published Date: 04/10/2017
pdf Current File size: 2MB Published Date: 10/07/2017
pdf Current In today’s uncertain and changing legislative environment for registered providers, it is essential for management to be fully on top of their organisation’s performance so that any corrective action can be taken as quickly as possible. File size: 1MB Published Date: 05/04/2017
pdf Current Members can download slides from HQN's 'Back to the Future' event on Thursday 24 November 2016 here. File size: 4MB Published Date: 30/11/2016
pdf Current Having completed a series of events with the Homes and Communities Agency on Value for Money and the new Cost per Unit (CPU) analysis, our Chief Executive, Alistair McIntosh shares his thoughts on the current state of play. File size: 538KB Published Date: 12/07/2016
pdf Current These are the slides from our events with the Homes and Communities Agency on Value for Money and the new Cost per Unit (CPU) analysis. File size: 1MB Published Date: 11/07/2016
pdf Current Consultation: Form follows function How should a social housing provider review its structure? What’s the best way of meeting your objectives? How do we put residents at the heart of decision making? File size: 164KB Published Date: 15/06/2016 Download
pdf Current This week saw the end of the Housing and Planning Bill's journey through the House of Lords. The attached briefing provides a summary of the provisions in the Bill and looks at the key changes in the Report stage in the Lords before they go for government acceptance, negotiation or ping pong between the Commons and the Lords next week. File size: 371KB Published Date: 28/04/2016
pdf Current Our technical briefing provides a summary of the key tax points from the 2016 Budget Statement that will affect social housing providers. It's based on the documents released on 16 March 2016. File size: 522KB Published Date: 21/03/2016
pdf Current Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015 – the welfare reform issues for residents and social landlords. File size: 298KB Published Date: 15/12/2015
pdf Current If you missed our 'Brave New World' event on 9 December 2015 you'll find these presentation slides of interest. File size: 3MB Published Date: 15/12/2015
pdf Current Chancellor George Osborne used this week's Spending Review to announce plans to build 400,000 new homes in England, claiming it will be the "biggest affordable house building programme since the 1970s". File size: 338KB Published Date: 02/12/2015
pdf Current This brief update focuses on Part 4 of the Housing and Planning Bill. File size: 391KB Published Date: 28/10/2015
pdf Current We've put together this technical briefing note which outlines the ten key risks highlighted by the regulator. We examine the detail and provide commentary to help you respond. File size: 564KB Published Date: 24/09/2015
pdf Current Now that the sector has had chance to take stock of the content of the Chancellor’s Budget Statement last Wednesday, and the subsequent announcements later in the week, here is a technical briefing from hf:expert which focuses on the key issues for social housing finance practitioners. File size: 359KB Published Date: 15/07/2015
pdf Current The Budget Statement for this year appeared to be more about winning votes than fiscal policy. The items of interest to social landlords were a little limited. This technical briefing looks at what there was of interest for housing providers and their staff. File size: 312KB Published Date: 24/03/2015
pdf Current The Regulator was prompted to review its framework in the light of the growing risks to the sector following the financial crash in 2007/08, reductions in public subsidy and changes to the welfare system. File size: 289KB Published Date: 24/02/2015
pdf Current With ever-decreasing government grant funding for affordable housing development and an enormous shortage of housing of all descriptions, affordable housing providers are considering a wide variety of financing and development options. File size: 330KB Published Date: 12/11/2014
pdf Current With the September inflation figure imminent, and budgets for 2015/16 being prepared, councils and housing associations will very soon be calculating their rent increases for next year. File size: 208KB Published Date: 30/09/2014
pdf Current The economy is constantly changing. We currently appear to be moving towards a situation where inflation will continue to be low but interest rates may be increasing. File size: 252KB Published Date: 22/07/2014
pdf Current A casual observer of the UK’s housing markets over the last few years might be forgiven for thinking that the only thing that really mattered was the private market rented sector. File size: 334KB Published Date: 11/06/2014
pdf Current Top 10 quotes from the report of the Independent Governance Review of the Co-operative Group File size: 148KB Published Date: 14/05/2014
pdf Current The headline writers have focused on the reduction in the tax on bingo and beer and at first sight there appears to be little that will impact on the social housing sector File size: 295KB Published Date: 08/04/2014
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