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HQN Blog: Housing league tables – what can we learn from the banks?

Our local bank uses four checkouts. Unless it’s really busy then they use one. Boom boom. OK I’m not saying it’s the funniest joke in the world. But for us it’s one of the most important. Gags like this led the government to start league tables for banks. The Green Paper says we could see these for housing. What can we learn from the banks?

HQN Blog: Where are all the senior women?

Jo Williams, National Chairman of Women in Property, writes on why women are still under-represented at executive level in the social housing sector, and what can be done to rectify this.

HQN Resources: The Social Housing Green Paper

Following the publication of the Social Housing Green Paper last week, HQN has been analysing its contents to understand what the implications of the sector might be.

HQN Blog: A new deal for social housing

It’s taken too long to get here but I have to say I welcome the green paper with open arms. Lots of people in housing are attacking the Tories for making U-turns. I’m just glad they changed their minds. Thanks.

London Councils Strategic Housing Forum in association with Mobysoft

Wednesday 31st October, 1.00pm – 4.30pm

Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, London, SE1 9DA


With Housing Revenue Accounts under increasing pressure from welfare reform, decreasing subsidies and the 1% rent cut, London’s boroughs have been forced to find new and innovative ways to save money and generate income.


This London Strategic Housing Forum session will explore some of the more successful approaches and look ahead to post-2020 when the rent cut is phased out and the opportunities and challenges this could bring for local authorities.

HQN Blog: People died for this Green Paper

It’s the one thing that stays the same in British politics. We got homes for heroes after the carnage of the First World War and safety on oil rigs thanks to the inferno on Piper Alpha. What changes will Grenfell bring? The Green Paper wants us to keep tenants safe and listen to them a bit more. And there will be tough sanctions to make sure this happens. Well that’s what it boils down to. It’s not a lot to ask for. How did it come to this?

HQN Blog: Armed Forces

We are in the grips of a housing crisis; we simply don’t have the number of good homes that we need for the number of people that live here, and social housing is more in demand than ever.

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